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Simply Piano App: Presentation and Review

simply piano

You probably know Simply Piano app, the tool that allows you to learn piano online and alone.

It has been a very popular tool for several years now, and has helped many pianists to progress quickly, such as La Touche Musicale app.

In this article, we present Simply Piano, its features, its different prices, advantages and disadvantages. We will conclude with a general review and we will propose, at the end of the article, a link to download the Simply Piano app for free.

General presentation of Simply Piano

Simply Piano is a mobile app available on the App Store and the Play Store that allows you to learn piano easily. Created by the company Joy Tunes in collaboration with music teachers, it now has several million users.

The app works on smartphone or tablet. It requires no prior knowledge of music theory or score. Beginners will be able to use it. Its goal is to make you learn piano, music theory, score reading, through a playful approach and an efficient method. With this app, you will be able to learn piano whatever your age.

simply piano presentation
Simply piano presentation.
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The overall operation of the app

The app’s operation is quite simple: you open the app, put your smartphone or tablet on your piano, and you can start right away. The app recognizes the notes you play, so it can tell you your mistakes and successes. So it adapts to your learning pace.

If you don’t have a piano, the tool offers some lessons where you can use the touch function of your device to interact with the piano and follow the training. But this is still very basic, and if you really want to progress, you will need to buy a piano.

You start with very simple notions, a few keys to play, then it gets more and more complex. In just a few lessons you can easily play a complete melody.

The learning interface is quite intuitive and consists mainly of two sections: the score in the center, which scrolls according to your progress, and the virtual piano at the bottom, which illuminates the keys to be played on the score.

These two sections complement each other: the score allows you to have theoretical notions, while the virtual piano directly explains the notes to be played, without the need to know the basics of music theory.

On the content side, the app offers two types of content: lessons and songs.

operation simply piano
Simply Piano Piano sheet music.

Piano lessons

Simply Piano offers a series of very well thought-out online piano lessons, which is the real added value of the app. Such as courses in music schools or lessons in piano books for beginners, the lessons start with extremely simple notions so that even the greatest beginners can start without difficulty.

They are also organized into themes so that you can always find your way around and evolve gradually. For example, you can work on certain types of chords, such as typical chords from certain pop songs, or work on your scales. The notions covered are always based on the problems most frequently encountered by beginner pianists.

Music theory remains at the center of the concept: you will be gradually taught how to read the notes on the staff of a piano sheet music.

simply piano lessons
The course system on Simply piano.

The songs proposed by Simply Piano

The songs library proposed is quite consequent and contains more than 100 titles: you will find songs for all tastes and all skill levels. The music is categorized by genre: Piano Basics, Essentials I, Pop Chords, … From Ed Sheeran to Sia through Beethoven and Avicii, you will find songs that you like among their catalog.

As a comparison, the La Touche Musicale app offers more than 1000 songs.

simply piano songs
The songs to play on Simply piano.
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Learning features

Simply Piano app offers, such as Onlinepianist, Synthesia, Flowkey or La Touche Musicale, many features that allow you to boost your learning and follow your progress closely :

– An audio recognition of the notes you play (thanks to the microphone of your device) that allows the app to follow your progress without connecting a cable;

– The ability to connect your MIDI cable: As note recognition doesn’t always work well, you have the option to connect your MIDI cable so that all notes are correctly recognized;

– A loop feature that lets you play a specific passage in the course in a loop and memorize it quickly;

– Choose which hand you want to work with;

– See the piano fingers numbers;

– An error and good note counter that allows you to track your progress.

simply piano features
Simply Piano Review: a cool tool to learn piano.

Advantages of the method

The method proposed by Simply Piano is very qualitative and adapts to all skill levels. The sequences of lessons start from the basics to become more complex little by little. With Simply Piano, you will never feel lost in your training.

The connection of the piano to the app is a real plus: it allows you to learn at your own pace.

The interactive comments are clear and precise, allowing you to correct yourself quickly and in real time.

Disadvantages of Simply Piano

If it’s a good app, it remains very centered on learning piano sheet music. Indeed, the score is at the heart of the pedagogy of this educational tool. You will not be able to avoid reading the notes on the staves.

This app is therefore not suitable for people who want to learn piano without going through the solfeggio box.

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Simply Piano cost

The app offers two versions: a free version consisting of a single lesson of a few minutes, and a paid version (also called “Premium”) that unlocks all the other lessons and the entire songs library.

To access the Premium version of Simply Piano, you can choose between three types of subscription :

– 3 months: $60 ($20/month)

– 6 months: 90$ (15$/month)

– 12 months: 120$ (10$/month)

General Review about Simply Piano

Simply Piano is a very good app that allows you to start playing piano easily and at a low cost. You will be able to learn at your own pace basic notions (chords, scales, finger positions, …) as well as more complex notions. You will also have the possibility to learn many songs of all genres and skill levels. The instantaneous comments, as for them, allow you to correct yourself quickly enough in order to progress even faster.

The only hitch is that the app focuses almost systematically on the piano sheet music, the staff and the music theory. If you prefer to learn piano without going through this box, it’s certainly not for you.

Download Simply Piano for free

To download the Simply Piano app for free, just go to the App Store or Play Store, depending on your system: iOS or Android. It’s available for free download.

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