La Touche Musicale is a start-up that develops an app dedicated to online piano learning. Discover the missions, the values and the team behind this innovative company.

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Our story

In 2017, four young web specialists and self-taught pianists (Mourad, Nicolas, Dimitri and Joris), each having learned music with a different method, decided to combine their skills to found an entrepreneurial project with strong educational stakes. Their vision: to democratize piano learning and make it accessible to everyone. Starting from the problems they had encountered during their respective learning, they developed an online app allowing everyone to learn the piano very simply.

Our missions


Democratize piano learning

Everyone should be able to learn the piano easily if they wish.

Simplifying piano learning

Learning the piano seems inaccessible and reserved for the elite. We break this myth.

Make learning the piano fun

Every piano session should be a pleasure, not a chore.

Our team

mourad la touche musicale


Web & mobile development

dimitri la touche musicale


Finance & Administration

nicolas la touche musicale


Web & mobile development

joris la touche musicale


Marketing & customer relationship

Would you like to join us?

We are mainly looking for interns in marketing, community management, web writing and design.