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Program Overview


recurring commission rate (month, semester and year).
average payment per La Touche Musicale subscriber per year.
100 days
the conversion is recorded up to 100 days after the first click.

How does it work?


Join the program

Sign up in a few seconds to our program through our affiliate platform, FirstPromoter.


Promote La Touche Musicale

Use your unique affiliate link to promote the application via blog articles, email newsletters, social media posts, …

Earn commissions

Earn a very attractive revenue share for each customer you generate. You benefit from the commission as long as the customer remains a subscriber.

Who can join the program?


Content Editors

Do you have a blog, a review site or a promotional code site? Earn money by promoting La Touche Musicale.
video tutorials


You have a Youtube channel where you regularly publish piano tutorials? Join the program and earn money.


We are always happy to establish long-term partnerships with lifestyle or music influencers with an active community.

Music teachers

Are you a recognized music teacher on the internet? Promote La Touche Musicale with your affiliate link and earn money.

Benefits of the La Touche Musicale affiliate program


Very high commission rate

We offer a very attractive commission rate (40%) to reward the efforts of our partners.

Recurring and growing revenues

You make money as long as the customer you generated stays subscribed. Your income will increase every month as you generate more and more customers.

Very fast payments

As soon as you reach €25 in commissions, you can request payment of your earnings. We make the payment on the 30th of each month.

Time to convert

The conversion of a visitor into a customer is recorded up to 100 days after the first click on your affiliate link. So he has time to try it for free before paying.

Track your conversions in real time

A personalized dashboard

Once registered, you have a personalized dashboard connected to the affiliate program from which you can track every action of the users you refer.
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Track your sales every day

At a glance, you can track your numbers by day, week, month or year. Discover all the information you need to know about the business performance of your communication: clicks, registrations, customers generated and revenues earned.
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Stay informed of every action

Choose the events and actions for which you want to be notified instantly by email: new sale, new registration, new payment made, …
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More than just a partnership

At La Touche Musicale, we want to develop lasting partnerships with all our affiliates. By joining our program, you will have a team of marketing experts at your disposal to guide you in your strategy for free. We can help you launch effective marketing campaigns to get the best results. We can also provide you with visual resources to give your promotional activities even more impact. We are committed to being there to help you succeed and reach out to you whenever you need us.

Need help to start in the best conditions? Contact Joris, our marketing consultant :

Any questions?

La Touche Musicale is one of the best piano learning apps available on the internet.

The learning method is extremely simple and any beginner can play his first melodies (notes and chords) in just a few minutes. Connect your piano via USB to your device and interact with the app to learn at your own pace. The app waits for you to play the right notes before continuing to the next ones.

La Touche Musicale also offers one of the most complete catalogs of piano songs on the Internet as well as many learning features to progress very quickly.

The La Touche Musicale affiliate program allows you to earn a generous commission for La Touche Musicale customers that you generate by using your unique affiliate link in content such as emails, blog posts, banners or social media communications. By joining the program, you and your company have a simple way to add value to your site and your audience while creating new revenue opportunities.

The free part of the app offers 250 songs (mostly classical music) and some learning features.

La Touche Musicale Premium is the paid offer of the La Touche Musicale app. It provides access to a vast catalog of songs to be played on the piano (2,500 songs) of all genres and all levels of difficulty. It provides access to a vast catalog of songs to be played on the piano (2,500 songs) of all genres and all levels of difficulty.

To unlock this premium version, the user must purchase a subscription. He can choose between 3 types of offers:

– 1 month : 9,99€/month ;
– 6 months : 7,99€/month (47,94€ debited immediately) ;
– 12 months : 5,99€/month (71,88€ debited after 7 days free trial).

Payment renewals are automatic, unless the customer cancels the subscription manually.

The average conversion rate between registrants and customers is about 5% (a figure that will increase further in the coming months). The average basket is about 6€ per user per month.

At La Touche Musicale, we offer a high commission rate to reward the efforts of our partners.

For each new subscriber you refer to the La Touche Musicale app, you earn 40% of the value of his or her subscription, after deduction of the 22.5% license fee (copyright of the music made available on the application) and of the legal VAT, which corresponds to about 26% of the subscription including VAT chosen by the customer. Please note that this commission will be valid on all the customer’s payments (direct debits every month/semester/year depending on the chosen offer) as long as the customer remains a subscriber to La Touche Musicale.

Here’s what you actually earn for each subscriber you refer based on the offer they choose to sign up for:

– 1 month (8,99€ TTC /month) : you earn 2,34€ net every month per subscriber as long as the customer remains subscribed;

– 6 months (41,94€ TTC /6 months) : you earn 10,90€ net every 6 months per subscriber as long as the customer remains subscribed;

– 12 months (59,88€ TTC /12 months) : you earn 15,57€ net every 12 months per subscriber as long as the customer remains subscribed.

Important: Note that your recurring income will increase over time.


– Month 1: You generate 32 monthly clients, 9 semi-annual clients and 41 annual clients = $811.35 net in commissions earned.

– Month 2: You generate 37 new monthly customers, 12 new semi-annual customers and 48 new annual customers = $964.74 net. However, the customers generated in month 1 have mostly stayed on the app (on average 93% stay every month). During month 2, you will receive the commissions of the customers who subscribed to the monthly offer during month 1, because they will be debited again during month 2. You will receive 964,74€ + 74,88€ = 1 039,62€. Please also note that you will also receive your commissions from semi-annual (10,90€ per subscriber) and annual (15,57€ per subscriber) customers every 6 months and 12 months if they have remained on the app since their first registration.

In other words, thanks to this advantageous subscription system, your income will increase consistently as the number of customers you generate increases, even if some unsubscribe.

It is not uncommon for some affiliates who have significant visibility with their community to generate several thousand euros per month after a few months thanks to the La Touche Musicale affiliate program.

Of course! Registration and participation as an affiliate of La Touche Musicale is completely free. In addition, there are no minimum sales requirements to earn commissions and generate more and more revenue.
Not necessarily. You can join the affiliate program without being a customer or even a user of La Touche Musicale. The most important thing is that you share the values of our company: democratizing musical knowledge.

All you have to do is sign up to the program directly on the website of our affiliate platform, FirstPromoter. We respond to your request very quickly.

Step 1: sign up to the program on the FirstPromoter affiliate platform;

Step 2: You access your personalized dashboard and receive a unique affiliate link;

Step 3: place this link on your social networks, your blog, your emails and newsletters, … ;

Step 4: Invite your community to discover La Touche Musicale via this link;

Step 5: You earn 40% commission on each sale you generate. As long as the customer remains a subscriber, you receive 40% of each payment;

Step 6: You can track all your sales from your personal dashboard.

Of course! For each sale you generate, you receive an instant email to notify you.

Our affiliate partner platform, FirstPromoter, is one of the best on the market.

Once signed up to our affiliate program on FirstPromoter, you will access your personal dashboard. From here you will be able to access your unique affiliate link and track all your numbers in the program: clicks on your link, registrations, customers generated and revenue earned.

The affiliate platform offers you everything you need for an accurate and reliable follow-up of your campaign.

As soon as you reach 25€ of accumulated commissions (you will reach it quickly), you will be able to request the payment of your earnings. You can choose between a transfer via the IBAN of your bank account or a transfer via PayPal. We make the payment every 30th of each month.
Of course! By joining the La Touche Musicale affiliate program, you benefit from personalized advice from our affiliate marketing experts.They will be able to accompany you in order to maximize the commercial effectiveness of your communication. This will allow you to get better results and generate more sales.Of course, the personalized support is totally free.

As with any new program, there are some limitations. We are constantly striving to improve the program, but at the moment we have the following limitations for receiving commissions:

1. The customer cannot be in an active sales process at the time they click on your affiliate link.
2. If the customer you have generated chooses the annual offer, he will benefit from a 7-day free trial. If they cancel their subscription during this trial, you will not receive the 40% commission because no revenue will have been generated by the customer.

Absolutely! You can download all our visual resources (screenshots, videos, logo demonstration pictures, …) in our media kit available by clicking on the following link:

You can already read our FAQ which contains a large number of questions frequently asked by our affiliates (“The La Touche Musicale affiliate program” section):

For any other question related to the affiliate program, you can also contact our marketing representative, Joris, at the following address: He will answer you as soon as possible, I promise!

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