La Touche Musicale app includes all the features you need to learn piano online.

features piano learning app mobile


MIDI Keyboard Software

logiciel piano midi gratuit

The MIDI connection of the keyboard allows the software to listen to how you play and give you instant feedback.


MIDI Player Online

importer fichier midi piano

MIDI Player Online allows you to customize your learning repertoire by importing your songs or exercises in MIDI format.


Audio piano note recognition

microphone piano

Activate your microphone so that the app listens to how you play and gives you instant feedback without going through a cable.


Labeled piano notes

labeled piano notes

Activate note labeling to display the name of each note of the songs you play and learn them very quickly.


Learning mode

mode apprentissage piano

The learning mode waits for you to play the right notes on your connected piano before moving on to the next ones.


Learning loop

boucle apprentissage piano

The learning loop allows you to select any passage of the song or exercise to play it automatically in a loop.


Choice of hands

main piano

The choice of hands allows you to activate or deactivate one hand at any time to concentrate on the other hand.


Speed control

vitesse notes piano

The speed control allows you to increase or decrease the speed of the notes very precisely.


Personalized follow-up

suivi personnalisé piano

Personalized follow-up shows you in real time the correct and wrong notes you are playing to improve your piano playing.



métronome piano gratuit

The metronome sends a sound pulse on each beat so that you can always stay in the rhythm of the song or exercise.


Piano fingering instruction

piano fingering

The fingering indication shows for each note the optimal finger to play it with to learn the piano in the best conditions.