Choice of Hands on the Piano

Work your hands independently for optimal piano learning
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No more coordination problems. La Touche Musicale accompanies you

The hand selection feature allows you to activate/deactivate a hand at any time during the song or exercise you are working on.
choice of hands

The benefits of Piano Hands

You choose to work the hand you want at any point in the song/drill.

Once a hand is deactivated, the software focuses only on the notes of the other hand.

You will master the notes, rhythms and sequences of your problem hand much more quickly.

The choice of hands is combined with all the other functionalities for a personalized and optimal learning.

How does it work?


Choose your song from the 2500 songs in the catalog.


Connect your piano via the MIDI-USB cable to interact with the platform.


Turn off the hand you don’t want to work on to focus only on the notes of the other hand.


Play the notes with one hand and learn much faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the choice of hands?

    Hand selection is a feature of The Musical Touch that allows you to select, for each lesson, which hand you want to play the notes in the lesson with. This allows you to focus on the notes of one hand first, then the other, before beginning a complete learning process by playing with both hands at the same time.

  • How to use this feature?

    To use the hand selection, you just need to create an account on the app, choose a song from the catalog, connect your piano to the app and activate this feature. You can then deactivate the notes belonging to the right hand or those belonging to the left hand.

  • What do I need?

    To use this feature, you need :

    • A device connected to the internet
    • A piano
    • A MIDI-USB cable
    • An account on the app La Touche Musicale

  • Is this feature free?

    Yes, it is! Whether you have a free or premium account on the app, you can use unlimited hand picking on any song you have access to.

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