MIDI Keyboard Software – Connect Your Piano and Play

Our MIDI Keyboard Software allows you to connect your piano to your device via MIDI-USB and learn songs and exercises at your own pace.
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MIDI Keyboard Software: Get instant feedback on your piano playing

The piano MIDI connection allows the software to listen to how you play. It will automatically adapt to your learning pace and give you feedback in real time to improve your playing.
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The benefits of MIDI Keyboard Software

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No more stress. The software automatically adapts to your own learning pace.

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As you play, the MIDI software is able to give you real-time feedback on your successes and mistakes.

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You learn the song or exercise you are playing much faster.

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The MIDI connection of the keyboard is very easy and is done in 30 seconds from any digital piano.

How does it work?


Choose your song from the 2500 songs in the catalog.


Connect your keyboard to the software via the MIDI-USB cable.


Activate the different piano learning features (learning mode, feedback, …).


Play in interaction with the software and learn piano at your own pace.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a MIDI Keyboard Software?

    A MIDI Keyboard Software is a tool that allows you to connect your digital piano to your computer via MIDI (Musical Intstrument Digital Interface) technology. This software is able to collect MIDI information, to process it and to propose you to learn it on the piano.

  • How does the MIDI keyboard connection work?

    To connect your MIDI piano, all you need is a MIDI-USB cable to connect it to your device (computer, tablet or smartphone). Once this is done, the software immediately recognizes your keyboard and is able to receive the MIDI information you send it by pressing the piano keys.

  • What do I need to use it?

    For your keyboard to be recognized by the software, you must have:

    • a digital piano with a MIDI connection;
    • a MIDI-USB cable to connect your piano to your device;
    • a device connected to the internet (computer, tablet or smartphone).

  • Is this feature free?

    Yes, the MIDI connection to your keyboard is absolutely free!

    La Touche Musicale offers two types of song catalogs to which you can connect your piano:

    • A free catalog: including 250+ songs that you can learn at your own pace;
    • A Premium catalog: you have access to 2,500+ songs of all genres and levels that you can easily learn on the piano.

    No matter which catalog you choose to use, your piano’s MIDI connection remains free so you can learn all the songs you like at your own pace.

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La Touche Musicale is an app that allows you to learn the piano online with interactive lessons. Connect your piano or keyboard via USB and learn over 2,500 songs easily.