Personalized Follow-up – Errors and Successes on the Piano

Follow your mistakes and successes on the piano in real time
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Having trouble identifying your mistakes? Not anymore.

With the personalized tracking, you’ll know exactly where you go wrong in the song or exercise. This will help you improve much faster.
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The benefits of Personnalized follow-up

You are able to tell if the notes you just played are right or wrong (wrong note(s) or wrong timing).

Every note is recorded. You get an overview of your overall playing performance and progress faster.

The system of points won or lost is very simple to understand, effective and fun.

Personalized tracking combines with all other features for optimal learning.

How does it work?


Choose your song from the 2500 songs in the catalog.


Connect your piano via the MIDI-USB cable.


Activate the tracking module to monitor your piano playing.


Play at your own pace and follow your progress closely.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is personalized follow-up?

    Personalized tracking is a feature of the La Touche Musicale application that allows you to track in real time the mistakes and good notes you play in relation to the course you are taking.

  • How to use the personalized follow-up?

    To use it, simply create an account on the app, choose a song from the catalog, connect your piano to the app and activate this tracking feature. You’ll then see the tracking module update every time you play a note, giving you an overview of your piano performance.

  • What do I need?

    To use this feature, you need :

    • A device connected to the internet
    • A piano
    • A MIDI-USB cable
    • An account on the La Touche Musicale application

  • Is this feature free?

    Yes, absolutely! Whether you have a free or premium account on the app, you can use the personalized tracking without any limits.

Identify your mistakes and move forward

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