MIDI Player Online – Upload your MIDI Files

The MIDI player online function allows you to import and store any MIDI file into the app to learn it easily on the piano.
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MIDI player online: an innovative and unique feature

La Touche Musicale is the first and only software to offer the function of uploading and playing online your songs and exercises in MIDI format to learn them on piano.
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The benefits of MIDI Player Online

personalizzare l'apprendimento del pianoforte

Customize 100% of your learning directory.

lettore midi importazione di musica online

You are no longer limited in the content available to you.

file midi online

MIDI files can be found everywhere on the web.

Importazione rapida di file midi

The online upload is very simple and is done in 3 clicks. The MIDI player is high quality.

How does it work?


Download the songs or exercises of your choice in MIDI format for free anywhere on the web.


Upload unlimited MIDI files to your account and store them online with no time limit.


The online software will instantly convert your MIDI file into a piano tutorial interface.


Connect your piano or keyboard to your device, play the MIDI file and learn it very easily with instant feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an online MIDI player?

    A MIDI player online is a software hosted on the internet that allows you to upload MIDI files for playback in various ways.

    You can for example import them to listen to them or edit them. Some softwares like La Touche Musicale use this function for pedagogical purposes by allowing you to learn your MIDI on the piano. For more information on this topic, you can check out our MIDI piano connection feature.

  • How does the MIDI player work?

    The MIDI player works in a rather simple way. You just have to upload a MIDI file from your device and validate its upload.

    Once this is done, the software will be able to play it by transforming its MIDI information into a visual interface showing the piano notes of the song or exercise.
    Then you just have to connect your piano to your device to learn your MIDI file at your own pace by pressing the right keys.

  • What do I need to use this feature?

    To use the MIDI player, you just need to have at your disposal:

    • One or more MIDI files stored on your device;
    • An electronic device (computer, tablet or smartphone) ;
    • As this is an online player, you will also need an internet connection.

  • Is the MIDI player free?

    La Touche Musicale offers two options for using the online MIDI player:

    • Free option: you can upload and host up to two MIDI files at the same time on your account. If you want to upload a third one, you must either delete one of the two, or upgrade your account to Premium.
    • Premium option: you can upload and host an unlimited amount of MIDI files on your account to play and learn them on the piano.

Customize your learning directory

Learn piano online with the songs you love

La Touche Musicale is an app that allows you to learn the piano online with interactive lessons. Connect your piano or keyboard via USB and learn over 2,500 songs easily.