Audio piano note recognition

Whether you’re using an acoustic piano or having trouble with your MIDI cable, take full advantage of the app’s interactive lessons with audio recognition of the notes you play (Beta version). Beta version only available on the iOS and Android app.

Beta version only available on the iOS and Android app.

audio piano note recognition

WirelessTouch™ technology

WirelessTouch™ is the name given to this technology we created. Based on artificial intelligence (Deep Learning), WirelessTouch™ technology is able to recognize the notes you play via the sounds they make. Currently in Beta version, its accuracy and speed will improve as future developments are made. Activate your microphone and play notes and chords interactively without the need for a cable.
audio piano note recognition

The benefits of Audio piano note recognition

Works with any piano or keyboard.

No more connection problems with your cable.

World’s most advanced audio recognition rate for piano notes (95%).

Very fast activation of the microphone (in 1 click).

Beta version only available on the iOS and Android app.

How does it work?


Choose a song from the catalog.


Turn on the microphone of your device when prompted.


Play notes and chords with interactive lessons. The app will recognize them without cables.


Mix WirelessTouch™ technology with all the other features to learn quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the microphone function?

    The microphone function is a feature of the La Touche Musicale application that allows you to activate the microphone of your device. With this feature, the app can “hear” the notes you play on your piano without you needing to connect it via a cable. This allows acoustic pianos in particular to use the app. This technology is still in the experimental phase and relies on artificial intelligence to recognize the sounds made by the piano.

  • How to use the microphone function?

    To use the microphone function, simply create an account on the La Touche Musicale application, choose a song from the catalog, bring your piano, activate the microphone on your device and start the tutorial.

  • What do I need to use it?

    To use the microphone function, you need :

    • A device connected to the internet
    • A piano (digital or acoustic)

  • Is this feature free?

    Yes, it is! Whether you have a free account or a premium account, you can use the microphone function without limit.

Enjoy interactive lessons with any piano

Beta version only available on the iOS and Android app.

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