Speed Control – Learn Easily the Piano Notes

Adapt the speed of the piano notes to your learning pace
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Piano tutorial going too fast for you? Not anymore.

With speed control, you can adapt the piano tutorial to your own pace. Keep control of your learning from A to Z.

The benefits of Speed Control

You can choose the speed at which the notes scroll at any time during the piano tutorial.

No more stress. You can take your time and increase the speed as you progress.

You’ll master the song or exercise you’re playing much more quickly and be much more motivated to persevere.

Speed control combines with all other features for optimal personalized learning.

How does it work?


Choose your song from the 2500 songs in the catalog.


Connect your piano via the MIDI-USB cable.


Choose precisely the speed at which the notes are scrolled.


Play the notes at your own pace and learn quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is speed management?

    Speed management is a feature available on the La Touche Musicale app that allows you, for each lesson, to decrease the speed of the notes to adapt the lesson to your own learning pace.

  • How to use this feature?

    To use it, you just have to create an account on La Touche Musicale, choose a song from the catalog, connect your piano to the app and activate this feature. You will be able to precisely set the speed at which the notes will scroll on the screen.

  • What do I need?

    To use this feature, you need :

    • A device connected to the internet
    • A piano
    • A MIDI-USB cable
    • An account on the La Touche Musicale application

  • Is this feature free?

    Yes, absolutely! Whether you have a free or premium account on the app, you can use the speed management without any limit.

Adapt the tool to your learning pace

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