Legal notices

1. Identification

Website and web application published by the company La Touche Musicale.

Company name: La Touche Musicale

Address of the head office : La Turbine, 32 boulevard du Port, 95000 Cergy

Phone number : +33 6 63 32 92 26

Email :

Legal form : SAS

Capital amount : 5 000

Name of the director of the publication and editor : Mr. Joris Astier, CEO of the company La Touche Musicale

Web Hosting : OVH – Mailing address : 19 Place Françoise Dorin, 75017 Paris – Phone : 1007.

2. Activity

Registration number in the trade and company register : 882 298 300

Intra-community VAT number: FR40882298300

The company La Touche Musicale offers the use of its web application for a basic fee of 3.99 € /month for a monthly subscription without commitment. Once the amount is paid, the buyer is delivered immediately and accesses directly to his personal account. The only method of payment accepted is by bank transfer by credit card or by PayPal. La Touche Musicale is committed to maintaining the service so that the user can constantly have access to his personal account and to answer the questions of the buyer to help him to apprehend more quickly the online application. The buyer can withdraw at any time and terminate his subscription, without condition. However, the buyer is not entitled to a refund of the fees charged during the previous months of subscription. When the buyer registers and subscribes by issuing his first payment, the offer is automatically renewed on a monthly basis until it is cancelled by the buyer. La Touche Musicale reserves the right to offer temporary discounts, so the price may fluctuate. For more information, please see our Terms and Conditions.

3. Notice on the use of cookies

A cookie is a small computer file, a tracker. It allows to analyze the behavior of users when visiting a website, reading an email, installing or using a software or a mobile application. By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies. During your first visit to the website, a message asks you to accept the use of cookies. You can refuse their use. The period of validity of the consent given in this context is 13 months maximum. For more information on our use of cookies, you can consult our Cookie Policy.


4. Information on the use of personal data


For personal data issues, please contact Dimitri Moulin at

Personal data is used by La Touche Musicale to provide targeted promotional offers and improve your web experience.

By using this site, you agree to our use of cookies.

If you do not agree with our cookie policy, you can file a complaint with the Cnil.

You have the right to access your personal data, as well as the right to request the rectification or deletion of the same. You also have the right to object to the processing of this data or to limit the processing. Finally, you have the right to give instructions on what to do with your data in the event of your death. You can exercise these rights free of charge and at any time by contacting La Touche Musicale by email at


5. Credits


5.1. Technologies used for the development. To develop our website and web application, we have mobilized a number of computer resources and web technologies:

Axios: we use it to define URLs, architecture, computer routes and send http requests.

Express: we use it to manage the routes of our application.

React JS: we use it to develop the front-end of the application.

Node JS: we use it to develop the backend of the application.

Redux: we use it to simplify the transmission of data between the different components of our application.

Pixi JS: we use it to manage the rendering on some parts of our application.

Midi Player: we use it to manage the midi file.

Mongo DB: we use it to manage our database.

Mongoose: we use it to build the schemas of our database.

OVH: we use it for the hosting of our website.

Material UI: we use it for the graphical elements on the front of our application.

Chart JS: we use it for the statistics of our application.

Stripe: we use it to manage our customers’ banking data and subscriptions.

Midi Convert: we use it to convert midi files to json files.

Sound Font Player: we use it to generate and manage the sound of midi files.

WordPress: we use it to manage our website.

Scaleway: we use it to host our web application.

JWT Token: we use it to authenticate users and authorize access to their private account.


5.2. Content proposed by default on the application. We also used several databases of midi files to offer our users the largest possible number of legally usable music for our activity and enrich their learning experience on our web application. The midi files we took from the sites listed below are all licensed under Creative Commons or are in the public domain. We remind you that their use, reproduction, distribution, modification, even for commercial purposes, are therefore perfectly authorized by the rules that govern these different licenses. We have taken all the midi files as they were originally on these sites, without modifying them in any way.

Mutopia Project: many of the midi files that we offer by default on our web application come from Mutopia. These midi files are free of any copyright, that’s why we offer them to our users. For more information, please see the copyright notice on their site.

Free Scores: several other midi files that we offer by default on our web application come from Free Scores. Some of these midi files are free of any copyright, that’s why we offer them to our users. Others are licensed under Creative Commons; we list these in a table below in full transparency. For more information, please see the copyright notice on their site.


As stipulated by the Creative Commons license, we list below all the works that we use by default in our application (only works under Creative Commons license, public domain music being exempt from such conditions of use), specifying for each of them the title, the original author, the arranger, the site from which the midi file comes and the license that governs it Please note that none of the works listed below have been modified in any way by us. They have all been downloaded (in midi format only) and put online on the platform without any modification.

We also offer copyrighted works. We have established a partnership with the Sacem for this catalog. Each subscription of one of our users is the subject of a retribution of the rights holders through the Sacem and the contract binding us to this organization.

5.3. Additional assistance. To develop part of the application, we also called upon a number of graphic design and development interns, who helped us a lot to build and improve the web application:

– Margot Rasamy : front-end developer.

– Valentin Waché de Corbie : front-end developer.

– Michael Lima Da Silva: front-end developer.

– Nicolas M’Bark: back-end developer.

– Florent Roussety : back-end developer.

– Timothée Kimbi : web designer.

Thanks to them for their work, their motivation, their smile and their support.


Last update : August 2022