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The best piano songs to learn

This theme explores all the best piano songs and presents them to you one by one. From jazz to rap to classical music and soundtracks from anime and manga, this theme is a real guide to help you choose your piano songs.

ultimate pianist guide

The Ultimate Pianist’s Guide

The purpose of this guide is to accompany you step by step as you learn to play piano. It will help you learn the basics of piano training: choosing your piano, knowing chords and scales, knowing how to read a score, learning how to use the pedal, and much more. This guide will be a real support throughout your piano practice.

piano progress

Progressing on piano: tips and tricks

This theme proposes to answer the big questions you ask yourself before starting to play the piano (which piano should I buy? At what age can I start? …) as well as to give you some techniques and tips to help you progress more quickly.

piano music

All about piano and music

If you are interested in everything that revolves around the piano and music, this theme should appeal to you. It includes historical anecdotes, scientific and sociological studies related to the piano and music. Broaden your musical culture with this theme.

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