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Music: 3 gifts to give to a music lover

passionate music gifts

You have a music lover in your entourage and you want to give him or her a gift. But, like most people, you are not a pro when it comes to finding gifts. What to give to a music lover? As such, you think that he must already have many objects related to this universe. What else can we offer him? We deliver you some tracks of original gifts for a passionate of music.

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Give her a piece of music

Want to please a music lover? Have you thought about music jewelry? To offer a gift to a music lover, you don’t have to look far. Indeed, anything related to music can be suitable.

The music jewel is an excellent gift. Simple, but original, it will not fail to please its recipient. In terms of gift, whatever the event, the jewel is a must. Whether it is to offer to a family member, his lover, his best friend … it goes everywhere. Moreover, you will find a wide choice: necklace, ring, pendant, brooch… Everything will depend on your preferences and those of the person you intend to offer it to.

For a musician, what could be better than a piece of jewelry bearing the effigy of his favorite instrument? A guitar, a piano or a saxophone, represent the music in jewelry. If the recipient doesn’t necessarily play an instrument, there are also jewels in the shape of a musical note, treble clef or even a staff. If you are not sure which design to choose, you can choose a charm bracelet. This way, you can offer a design for each occasion to complete the bracelet.

Today, it is possible to make the musical universe speak through jewelry. Whatever the design you want, you can have it in gold, silver or even gold-plated. You can opt for a discreet jewel or for a jewel a little more showy. Generally, the patterns are in relief, especially the pendants and rings.

The advantage of music jewelry is that it is above all a personal gift. You let the person know that you know them well and that you support their passion. Then, you are sure that it will not end up in a drawer. The recipient will be able to wear it at any time. In this way, you will mark in a way your presence near him. Finally, music jewelry is a precious and very refined object. The music lover will undoubtedly wear it with pride.

visual passionate music gifts

Focus on old scores

Sheet music is a very important element for musicians. Almost all musicians started their training with these famous papers on which musical notes are transcribed. Those who are passionate about classical music are generally the most fond of them. Indeed, a true enthusiast will recognize the value of old scores. They are the witness of the history of music, but also of history in general.

Old scores are transcriptions of the works of great composers of the past or of popular songs of the time. The particularity of these is that they reflect the process of creation of a musical work. The notes, the writing, the fly-legs… are authentic elements that can be found on some old scores. Of course, these are true collector’s items, originals that only a privileged few have the chance to own.

You can find them in auctions or with a lot of luck in garage sales. In the latter case, you can get old sheet music at very attractive prices. This is possible when the seller does not know the real value of the object. Usually, old sheet music is inherited and an estimate is often made before a sale.

There are also signs that reproduce these old scores identically. They use old scores that they restore and then replicate. The idea is to give the general public the chance to enjoy these works of art at reasonable prices. It also allows the conservation and transmission of these works. The advantage with this option is that the scores are grouped in a single book. They can be assembled by composer, by year or by type of melody.

Old sheet music exists for all types of instruments. Whether the recipient plays the piano, the violin, the cello or the flute, you will find the ideal score. As a connoisseur, he or she will greatly appreciate your gesture, you can be sure. This gift will be even more appreciated if you find the sheet music he or she has been looking for.

Choose accessories to listen to music

Besides playing and singing, a music lover obviously likes to listen to music. So think about giving him good accessories to listen to music. There is a wide range of choices in this area. You can opt for vintage or modern accessories. If the recipient of the gift has preferences, go for them.

Vintage accessories are very fashionable today and there is a multitude of them. Among the most popular is the vinyl player or record player. Once forgotten, this accessory is making a comeback and is gaining fans. You can find on the market original models and sometimes modernized reproductions. The former will be a little more expensive than the latter. They are available on specialized websites, in flea markets or from collectors. The vinyl player is not only an aesthetic accessory, especially for a music lover. It is appreciated for the analog sound, more pleasant to listen to, that it provides. It also allows to listen again to old albums or songs in their original version.

Still in the vintage category, there is the jukebox. For a music and American culture lover, this gift will be very appreciated. Who doesn’t dream of having a jukebox in their living room? Like the vinyl player, you have the choice between an old model or a modernized version. The latter allows you to read CDs, but also music on the Internet.

Music lover

On the side of the more current accessories, you have the Bluetooth speaker. This gift will allow the recipient to listen to their favorite songs from their smartphone or other media with a Bluetooth connection. Be sure to choose a model that is powerful and offers quality sound. Don’t hesitate to test the device before buying it. The advantage with connected speakers is that they can be carried anywhere. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. Depending on their size, these speakers offer an autonomy of 8 to 12 hours.

For those who prefer to listen to their sounds individually, in a more discreet way, there are headphones or wireless earphones. Also working from Bluetooth, it can have an autonomy of up to 20 hours depending on the brand. Since they are wireless, the user does not risk encountering transmission problems. Wireless headsets come in different shapes and colors. There are the classic black or gray headsets, but there are also those that are multicolored. Some even have themes (manga, movies, game characters…) or special shapes like cat or fox ears. In addition to being an accessory for listening to music, wireless headphones are also an aesthetic accessory that can complement the user’s look.

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