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Flowkey: The 5 Best Alternatives

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You want to know the alternatives to Flowkey? You’ve come to the right place!

If you’re here, you’re probably already familiar with the Flowkey app, which makes it easy to learn piano online.

It’s a well-designed, easy-to-use and very popular app that has been helping many users to progress quickly on the piano for several years now, just like the La Touche Musicale app.

The purpose of this article is not to give our detailed opinion on this app. Given the large number of articles that already talk about it, this would be of little interest to us. We prefer to focus here on other apps similar to Flowkey, often less expensive, which could be just as interesting and useful for you. So let’s go through our selection of the 5 best alternatives to Flowkey. Let’s start!

If you want to read a more precise presentation of Flowkey, you should read our article about the best piano learning apps.


Learn to play your favorite songs on the piano

The La Touche Musicale learning app offers more than 2,500 songs to play easily on the piano. Connect your piano to your device and learn to play them at your own pace while having fun.

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1 – La Touche Musicale

La Touche Musicale is one of the best apps in the online piano learning landscape.

It is an excellent app for anyone who wants to start playing the piano without going through music theory.

Indeed, the methodology implemented by La Touche Musicale is distinguished by its ease of use and its quick learning curve. The scores are replaced by luminous sticks of two colors (orange for the left hand, blue for the right hand) which descend on the screen on a virtual piano. When the notes arrive on the corresponding keys of the virtual piano, the latter light up and the learner must play the same keys on his own piano.

What is very effective about this app is that it is interactive: you can connect your piano/keyboard to your device via a cable or activate the microphone on your device so that the app recognizes the notes you play. Thanks to this interaction, it automatically adapts to your rhythm and waits for you to play the right notes before moving on to the next ones.

In addition, La Touche Musicale offers one of the most complete catalogs of piano songs on the web. You can find 2500 songs of all categories (anime & manga, rap, movies & series, French songs, video games, cartoons, pop hits, …) and for all levels (easy, medium, difficult, expert). The catalog is enriched every week at the request of users. Indeed, the app teams add to the catalog all the songs requested by the community within 24-48 hours after their request. You can also import your own MIDI files to learn how to play them on the piano.

This piano software has also reinforced the pedagogical efficiency of its app thanks to a whole series of features: possibility to choose the notes to be played with the right hand or the left hand only, speed of note reading, configuration of a loop on a short sequence to learn a particular passage of the song, metronome, …

Finally, you should know that the apps is one of the only ones to be available not only as a mobile app (on iOS and Android) but also as a web version, usable on computer. So you can log into your account from all your devices.

All in all, La Touche Musicale is the best alternative to Simply Piano since it allows you to learn pano efficiently while having fun.

This app is also present in our ranking of the best online piano lessons.

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La Touche Musicale: the best alternative to Flowkey.
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2 – Piano Academy

Piano Academy is a piano discovery app that is a good introduction to learning the basics of the instrument.

The app has been around since 2018 and has managed to make a place for itself in the online piano learning landscape. You can work on this tool either with a real piano connected or directly with the touch function, touching the keys of the virtual piano present on the screen. So you don’t necessarily need to have a piano to start playing on the app, although we recommend you get one anyway for maximum teaching efficiency.

The central interface is essentially composed of two parts: a score that scrolls horizontally in the center of the screen and a virtual piano at the bottom of the screen. This composition allows to link the symbols on the score to the corresponding keys of the virtual piano.

The songs proposed on the app are quite popular but they are not contemporary. For example, you can find the famous nursery rhyme Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or If You’re happy and You Know It.

If the app is interesting in its methodology and its pedagogical approach thanks to the fundamentals that it allows to approach, it is important to specify that it is above all conceived for children. We therefore recommend that you use it if you don’t want to go very far in learning the piano.

Anyway, Piano Academy is an excellent alternative to Flowkey as it covers a lot of essential notions in piano learning.

If you choose to learn to play the instrument with this app, we advise you to read piano books on the side, which will bring you more theoretical concepts.

With this app, you will learn how to read sheet music and then you might be interested in our article about sites to download easy piano sheet music.

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Piano Academy: an alternative to Flowkey for piano fundamentals.
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3 – Hoffman Academy

Hoffman Academy is a very interesting platform for teaching piano to children.

The musical education provided by this app is relatively complete: it is based not only on advanced memorization techniques, but also on more theoretical elements to perfect the student’s learning.

You will be able to approach technical notions such as rhythm and coordination or deciphering the score.

Be careful though: Hoffman Academy, unlike the other apps of this selection, is only usable on computer and does not have a mobile app. This limits the scope of use.

Finally, you should know that the number of free contents offered by the platform is relatively important. You can therefore take the time to use a good part of the tool before deciding to pay.

All in all, Hoffman Academy is a very good alternative to Flowkey for children. It will allow them to discover the basics of piano learning through a pedagogy that is both fun and effective.

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Hoffman Academy: a good alternative to Flowkey for kids.
perfect piano 1

4 – Perfect Piano

Perfect Piano is a popular app dedicated to piano learning that is also a good alternative to Flowkey.

The interface of the app is quite similar to La Touche Musicale‘s one: notes descend on the screen and arrive on a virtual piano. You just have to play the right keys at the right time to reproduce the desired melody. The app is also connectable via a MIDI-USB cable to interact with the tutorial.

You also have the possibility to adjust the number of keys that are displayed on the virtual piano according to the songs you have to play. This is an interesting asset since it is on the phone,

If the pedagogy proposed by Perfect Piano is fun and has proven itself, the fact remains that the number of songs available on the app is relatively low. Indeed, only 70 songs by default are proposed by the editors. This does not leave much choice for users who want to learn to play a wide variety of pieces.

Piano Perfect has nothing to envy Flowkey in terms of pedagogy. You can therefore consider it as a viable alternative.

perfect piano alternative flowkey image 1
perfect piano alternative flowkey image 2
perfect piano alternative flowkey image 3
Perfect Piano: discover the alternative to Flowkey for learning the piano.
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5 – Real Piano

We conclude this selection of the best alternatives to Flowkey with a lesser known but equally good app: Real Piano.

This is an app available on iOS and Android that shows a virtual piano in the center of the interface that you can interact with.

Many features are offered: sound recording, configuration of the size of the piano keys, configuration of the number of keys displayed, control of the speed and volume of notes, … You can even change musical instruments among the following choices: organ, guitar, flute, …

If you can learn to play chords and piano notes, Real Piano is rather designed for experienced musicians who want to record songs that they play live.

In short, Real Piano is a good alternative for musicians who already have a basic knowledge of music and want to develop it.

real piano flowkey alternative 1
real piano flowkey alternative 2
real piano flowkey alternative 3
Real Piano: discover the alternative to Flowkey for advanced musicians.

Conclusion about Flowkey: The 5 Best Alternatives

The alternatives we have presented in this article are a first basis for understanding the powerful tools available in the online piano learning landscape.

Thanks to these apps similar to Flowkey, you will be able to explore different segments and notions of piano learning in order to improve yourself on all the aspects that interest you: rhythm, coordination, songs to play, reading scores, …

We hope we have helped you find the best alternative for you!

If you are interested in this format, we recommend reading our articles on other apps, including alternatives to Simply Piano, Online Pianist and Synthesia.

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