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Online Piano Lessons: The 15 Best Sites and Apps

online piano lessons

Are you starting to learn to play a musical instrument and want to take online piano lessons? You’ve come to the right place!

When you start learning to play piano, we wonder what online tools would help us learn to play faster. But there are many and their quality is very varied.

If you decide to teach piano lessons at home, there are apps that can help.

To save you time and hours of searching the internet, we present in this article the 15 best websites and apps to take online piano courses. Let’s get started!


Learn to play your favorite songs on the piano

The La Touche Musicale learning app offers more than 2,500 songs to play easily on the piano. Connect your piano to your device and learn to play them at your own pace while having fun.

la touche musicale logo

1 – La Touche Musicale

La Touche Musicale is a very good app that will allow you to learn to play piano online easily and quickly.

It offers simple and intuitive lessons through which you can interact with the interface to learn at your own pace.

All you have to do is connect your piano or keyboard via USB and the app will wait for you to play the right notes before continuing to the next ones.

Moreover, the learning method is extremely simple and effective: the notes to be played are not represented by symbols on a score, but by light bands that descend on the screen. Once these bands reach the keys of the virtual piano located at the bottom of the screen, you must press the same keys on your own piano or keyboard. Simple and powerful!

Finally, if you like playing songs on the piano, La Touche Musicale is for you. It offers more than 2500 songs to play on the piano directly online, of all genres (classical, jazz, rap, movies, mangas, pop, …) and all difficulties (from easy to expert). You can also import your own MIDI files to customize your learning directory.

In short, if you are a beginner and are looking for a simple and complete method, go for it!

La Touche Musicale Piano App: Presentation

la touche musicale online piano lessons
The interface of online piano lessons on La Touche Musicale app.
learn piano live logo

2 – Learn Piano Live

Learn Piano Live is a website that offers effective and intuitive online piano lessons.

With well-designed and easily understandable videos, the website allows you to learn the basics of piano step by step.

Learn Piano Live has even diversified by offering piano courses specially designed for children as well as more advanced lessons to prepare you for entry into elite music schools.

If you wish to take these courses, we advise you to read piano books in order to benefit from theoretical notions.

learn piano live online lessons
The interface of piano lessons on Learn piano live.
pianowithwillie logo

3 – Piano With Willie

Piano With Willie is a platform that allows you to take jazz piano lessons online.

The lessons are well designed and allow you to progress step by step in this rather complex genre that is jazz. You will find various courses such as jazz standards, piano improvisation, accompaniment or boogie woogie.

It’s a very qualitative method with which you can really progress. On the other hand, it’s quite expensive. It costs about 50 dollars a month to access it.

piano with willie online lessons
The interface of piano lessons on Piano with Willie website.
logo yousician

4 – Yousician

Yousician is a website and mobile app that offers online music lessons, including piano.

It’s a relatively innovative method since it’s not based on a video format, but on a web interface designed to make you learn the piano easily.

The learning interface is quite simple: in the center of the screen is a score that scrolls horizontally. Underneath you will find a virtual piano. When a note from the score is to be played, the same note from the piano lights up on the screen.

Yousician is a good app to take online piano lessons. If you are a total beginner and don’t know where to start, it will take you by the hand and guide you step by step.

yousician online piano lessons
The interface of online piano lessons on Yousician app.
artistworks logo

5 – ArtistWorks

Artistworks is a platform that offers online music lessons with renowned teachers.

You will find piano, guitar, violin, voice, banjo, flute, and many other instruments.

The teachers who provide music lessons on the website have different pedagogies. You can be extremely happy with one lesson with one teacher and not enjoy another lesson with another teacher. We advise you to choose a teacher whose pedagogy you understand.

artistworks online piano lessons
The interface of online lessons on Artistworks website.
simply piano app logo 300x300 1

6 – Simply Piano

Simply Piano is a mobile application that allows you to learn the piano with a series of well-designed courses and a catalog of songs fairly well supplied (a few hundred).

The online lessons are of high quality and allow you to start with the basics and progressively move towards more complex notions.

The application listens to how you play the piano and tells you your mistakes, allowing you to rectify yourself quickly.

Simply Piano is a good application for online piano lessons that will allow you to progress quite quickly on your favorite instrument.

simply piano lessons
The interface of online piano courses on Simply Piano app.
logo logo

7 – Pianote

Pianote is a website that offers video piano lessons.

The courses are very well thought out and cover a vast repertoire of techniques, tricks and exercises that you must reproduce at the same time.

You can learn notions such as the independence of the hands on the piano, scales, chords, and even some famous songs!

The teachers have a very good pedagogy and their explanations are clear. Even if you are a beginner, you will understand very quickly.

pianote online piano lessons
The interface of online courses on Pianote.
flowkey logo app pianojpg

8 – Flowkey

Flowkey is a website and mobile app that allows you to learn piano through the songs you love and online lessons.

Flowkey’s learning method is ingenious as it combines video and interaction with your connected piano. You can follow the video at your own pace.

The online piano lessons section is well-constructed and covers most of what you need to know when you start learning the instrument.

Flowkey is a great app to learn songs on piano or to take easy courses.

flowkey piano theory courses
The interface of online piano lessons on Flowkey.
playground sessions logo

9 – Playground Sessions

Playground Sessions is a website that allows you to learn to play the piano online through a series of lessons.

The method is mainly focused on reading and deciphering scores.

The learning interface (as shown in the image below) features a score in the center with a virtual piano just below it.

The lessons offered are, as for the other websites and apps present in this ranking, well designed and will allow you to progress step by step without ever feeling lost.

playground sessions online piano lessons
The interface of online piano lessons on Playground Sessions.
pianoforall logo

10 – Pianoforall

Pianoforall is a website that offers lessons and songs to learn on the piano.

Centered on the video format, the site is interesting because the video is based on a double section: the bottom one represents the teacher’s hands playing the piano, and the top one represents a virtual piano on which the right keys light up at the right time.

Composed of 9 interactive ebooks, the online method covers various themes such as learning to play by ear, playing blues and rock, magic chords, …

In short, Pianoforall is a website that delivers quality piano lessons that will satisfy even the most novice pianists.

pianoforall online lessons
The interface of piano lessons on Pianoforall website.
skoove logo piano app

11 – Skoove

Skoove is a website and mobile application that is similar to Flowkey in that it offers both piano lessons and songs to learn in an interactive video format.

The online lessons offered by Skoove are very interesting and guide you step by step towards a solid mastery of the piano. You can learn about piano discovery, chords, scales, score reading, and much more.

Their repertoire of songs is on the other hand weaker than that of its competitors (La Touche Musicale, Flowkey, …).

On Skoove, you also have the possibility to connect your piano via USB in order to interact with the interface and learn at your own pace.

Skoove is also part of our ranking of the best piano learning apps.

skoove online piano lessons
The interface of online piano courses on Skoove app.
piano marvel logo

12 – Piano Marvel

Designed by piano teachers and used in universities and music schools, Piano Marvel is a good website that presents an effective learning method.

Unlike the other apps in this ranking, the method proposed by Piano Marvel remains relatively “traditional” because it focuses on deciphering and reading scores.

The interface of the website is uncluttered and very easy to understand.

The piano lessons are well constructed and will guide you progressively towards the acquisition of solid foundations that will serve you later in your piano career.

If you take these courses, you will learn to read sheet music. You might then be interested in our article dedicated to the best sites to download free easy piano sheet music.

All in all, Piano Marvel is a good online tool to learn the basics of piano and help you decode the world of sheet music.

piano marvel online lessons
The interface of online lessons on Piano Marvel website.
hoffman academy logo

13 – Hoffman Academy

Hoffman Academy is an online piano method that offers lessons specially designed for children who are just starting out.

The pedagogy is essentially based on learning the basics of the piano while playing well-known and easy songs.

The method is divided into 3 main steps:

1 – Watch: watch the videos of Mr. Hoffman;
2 – Practice: practice what you have learned directly on your piano or keyboard;
3 – Access Premium content to progress further.

The online piano lessons offered by Hoffman Academy are qualitative and your children will love it for sure. Thanks to a clever mix of theory, practice and well-known songs, Mr. Hoffman has successfully managed to transmit a quality pedagogy while remaining very playful.

hoffman academy online piano lessons
Mr. Hoffman explains the operation of online piano lessons on Hoffman Academy.
musiah logo

14 – Musiah

Musiah is a website that offers online piano lessons based on artificial intelligence.

The algorithm, acting as a piano teacher, listens to how you play and tells you the bad notes and the good notes you make.

Thanks to this technology, you can spot your mistakes much faster and progress accordingly.

Musiah is a website whose courses are rather well constructed. But, in our opinion, there is no need to develop an artificial intelligence to tell you your success and mistakes. Indeed, a simple MIDI connection with your piano or keyboard (such as on La Touche Musicale, OnlinePianist, Synthesia Flowkey or Simply Piano apps) allows the online tool to know how you play and to help you progress.

musiah online piano lessons
The interface of online piano lessons on Musiah app.
piano in 21 days logo

15 – Piano in 21 Days

Piano in 21 Days is an online method that offers a series of thematic courses around the piano.

As its name indicates, the challenge of the pedagogy is to make you learn the basics of piano in 21 days. To do this, Piano in 21 Days covers a wide range of topics such as chords, scales, names of musical notes, the score, songs to play on the piano, …

The website emphasizes the fact that you should forget about traditional piano lessons in music schools or with private teachers, which are long and boring. It proposes to play online songs that really please the students who choose this method.

All in all, Piano in 21 Days is a good website that has the merit of being fast and that will allow you to acquire a solid foundation in piano thanks to well thought out lessons and a simple and efficient pedagogy.

If you are looking for complementary digital tools in your learning, you can check our article dedicated to the best piano software.

piano in 21 days online lessons
Discover online lessons on Piano in 21 Days.

Conclusion about Online Piano Lessons: The 15 Best Sites and Apps

These 15 sites and apps to learn the piano give you an overview of the tools that exist today on the internet to learn to play a musical instrument.

This classification is not exhaustive but it has the merit to show you a great diversity of sites with different approaches and methods.

Don’t forget that you can also use our app to learn to play the piano.

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