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Flowkey: Review and Free Download

flowkey piano app review

You are probably familiar with Flowkey, the German app that dates back to 2015 and which allows you to learn piano online.

It is a tool whose popularity has been growing since its release, and which has helped many beginners to progress quickly, such as the La Touche Musicale app.

The purpose of this article is to give a complete overview of Flowkey. We will start by presenting the application in its generalities, how it works, its advantages, disadvantages, prices, and we will conclude with a general review of Flowkey. We will also provide you with a link to download the Flowkey application for free. Let’s get started!

General overview of Flowkey

Flowkey is an app available on the App Store, the Play Store or directly on the internet, and is dedicated to piano learning

Released in 2015, the German app is gradually gaining notoriety among beginning pianists.

Thanks to its simple, efficient and intuitive interface, Flowkey quickly manages to seduce thousands of people wishing to learn to play piano.

Today, the tool has several million users around the world, with a greater focus on Europe, the United States and Asia. This is evidenced by the progressive translation of the tool into several languages.

Flowkey has been in close partnership with the prestigious piano brand Yamaha since its release, helping to increase its notoriety in amateur pianist circles.

flowkey presentation
Presentation of the Flowkey piano app.
banner mobile flowkey

The overall operation of the app

The general operation of Flowkey is quite simple: you download the app or go directly to the official website. Once you have created your account, all you have to do is stand in front of your piano or keyboard, connect it to the app via your device’s microphone or a MIDI-USB cable, and follow the instructions on the screen.

With this connection, you interact with the application and learn piano at your own pace. In addition, Flowkey gives you instant feedback to point out your mistakes and help you progress faster.

The learning interface is clear and uncluttered. Features are clearly visible and easy to use. The interface is divided into two main parts:

1 – a video part where you can see the hands of a professional pianist playing the song on a piano. At each key played, it lights up on the video to distinguish it from the others. The video format is advantageous since it allows to see the hand movements, the correct piano fingers placement, …

2 – the piano score just below, which scrolls as the video progresses. It is on this score that most of the features are present, with which you can interact to personalize your learning.

Your Flowkey account, on the other hand, is mainly composed of two parts: the lessons and the songs to be played on piano.

flowkey app operation
How Flowkey works.

Piano lessons

Such as many apps dedicated to piano learning, Flowkey offers a very complete and well-designed series of piano lessons online.

Flowkey’s teaching process is structured into different themes (8 in total), which become more and more difficult and technical as you progress on piano.

The first theme, called “Starting the Piano”, focuses on the first basics of piano playing. You will find lessons on the first steps (body position, hands, how to find your way on the piano, …), easy songs for the right hand, an introduction to deciphering scores, …

As for lessons in music schools or lessons in piano books, the lessons become gradually more and more complex. For example, the following themes deal with notions such as playing with both hands at the same time, mastering chords, improvising with chords, deciphering a score, playing scales, etc…

In total, the piano learning app currently offers 63 courses.

All in all, the pedagogical work carried out by Flowkey on this aspect of the course is well done and you won’t feel lost when you follow it. The difficulty is increasing but there is no huge difference in level from one course to another.

flowkey piano theory courses
Flowkey courses system overview.
flowkey courses overview
Flowkey piano theory courses.
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The songs available on Flowkey

The songs library offered by Flowkey is one of the most complete in the horizon of piano learning apps. The tool offers more than 1500 titles of all genres and all levels of difficulty.

On Flowkey, you can sort the catalog according to two main criteria: the difficulty of the songs and their musical category.

There are 4 difficulty levels: beginner, intermediate, expert and pro. The difficulties are quite faithful to the real level of the learners. A complete beginner at the piano will be perfectly able to learn to play songs categorized as “beginner”. In order to appeal to as many profiles as possible, Flowkey strives to offer approximately the same number of songs per difficulty. As far as known and generally appreciated songs are concerned, the tool also offers a version for each difficulty.

As far as music categories are concerned, Flowkey offers a good fifteen of them. There is something for every taste: romantic, classical music, Christmas, pop, movies, video games, Asian pop, jazz, … No matter what your musical leanings are, you’re bound to find songs you love.

By way of comparison, the French application La Touche Musicale offers almost the same number of titles, also sorted by genre and difficulty.

flowkey piano songs
Songs to play on piano on Flowkey.

The learning features

Flowkey, like Simply Piano, La Touche Musicale, Onlinepianist or Synthesia, provides its users with many features to accelerate your learning and track your progress with a certain precision:

– Audio recognition of the notes you play from the microphone of your computer, tablet or mobile. This allows Flowkey to track your progress without the need to connect a cable;

– The ability to connect your MIDI cable to the USB port of your device. It is interesting to note that the cable connection is much more reliable than sound recognition, which frequently makes mistakes on the notes you play ;

– A looping feature that allows you to play a particular passage of the song or lesson you are learning in a loop in order to learn it quickly on piano;

– Play left and right hand independently;

– Interactive comments pointing out your mistakes to help you progress;

flowkey learning features piano
The piano learning features offered by Flowkey.

Advantages of the method

The method developed by Flowkey is well thought out and relatively effective.

Through the use of an interactive video, the beginner learner sees directly the keys to be played on his piano or keyboard without necessarily looking for a long time.

For more advanced learners who want to learn with the score, the display of the score below the video makes it easy to follow the notes on the staff.

The ease of use and teaching effectiveness, thanks to the connection between the piano and the app, promote fluid and efficient learning.

Finally, the completeness and diversity of the content (courses and songs) allows Flowkey to address a wide audience.

Disadvantages of Flowkey

Although the method proposed by Flowkey is relatively intuitive and effective, it can nevertheless suffer from certain flaws.

The video format, although very practical, does not allow to anticipate the notes to be played. The learning process suffers from a certain lack of fluidity which can disturb certain learner profiles.

Other applications, such as Synthesia or La Touche Musicale, offer a different system in which the notes to be played slowly decay on the virtual piano, allowing you to anticipate the next notes to be played.

banner mobile flowkey


The piano app, like most of them, offers two versions: a free version composed of seven lessons (only one per theme, except the last one) and 10 freely accessible songs, and a paid version (also called “Premium”) allowing to unlock all the other lessons as well as the rest of the songs library.

To access the Premium version of Flowkey, you can choose between three types of subscription :

– 1 month: $19,99 ;

– 12 months: $119,99 ($9,99/month) ;

– lifetime: $299.99.

flowkey prices
Flowkey Premium prices.

Our general review on Flowkey

Flowkey is a very qualitative piano learning application. It will allow you to progress quite quickly while having fun on content you like.

The very playful and interactive approach, via the connection between the piano and the software, will boost your learning without discouraging you.

However, three main elements may displease some types of pianist profiles.

Firstly, the video format necessarily causes a lack of anticipation of the next notes to be played. This can quickly become disturbing when you want to introduce fluidity into your learning and, more generally, your piano playing.

Secondly, it is relatively common for users to complain on the stores about the free version of the software, which is considered too limited to really realize its benefits. Many learners feel frustrated by this process and would prefer to have richer free content. This would allow them to have, for example, songs that they like more before committing to the premium package.

Thirdly, price can also be a barrier to using the tool. While the annual subscription remains quite reasonable, with a price of about $10 per month, the monthly subscription can, if extended for several months, very quickly turn out to be quite expensive.

As a comparison, La Touche Musicale app offers a monthly subscription (the most expensive of the 3) at only $7.99.

Download the Flowkey application for free

To download the Flowkey app for free, you just have to go to the Play Store or the App Store, depending on the operating system of your tablet or your mobile: iOS or Android. It is indeed available for free to download. So you can try it for free and without obligation.

banner mobile flowkey

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