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Onlinepianist App: The 5 Best Alternatives

onlinepianist best alternatives

Want to know the alternatives to the OnlinePianist app? You’ve come to the right place!

OnlinePianist is a popular app that was released in 2010 and has been constantly improving ever since. The initial version of this tool was initially only available on computers. Today it is also available on iOS and Android via a mobile app.

OnlinePianist allows you to learn to play the piano alone and online with the songs you like. The pedagogy is quite similar to the one offered on the La Touche Musicale app, except that the piano cannot be connected to the app on OnlinePianist.

In this article, the idea is not to give an overview of the app by explaining its features and its different characteristics. The aim is more to present you with alternatives to OnlinePianist so that you can explore other equally useful apps.

So get ready for our selection of the 5 best alternatives to OnlinePianist. Let’s get started!

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Learn to play your favorite songs on the piano

The La Touche Musicale learning app offers more than 2,500 songs to play easily on the piano. Connect your piano to your device and learn to play them at your own pace while having fun.

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1 – La Touche Musicale

La Touche Musicale is one of the best piano learning apps available on the market.

It is available on iOS and Android via a mobile app but also on computer via a web platform (usable directly on the browser). It is also compatible with all types of pianos: digital pianos, acoustic pianos or synthesizers.

The method proposed by La Touche Musicale is based on simplicity of use: as in OnlinePianist, lighted bands symbolizing piano notes descend on a virtual piano at the bottom of the screen. As these notes arrive on the keys of the virtual piano, the learner must play the same keys on his piano connected to the app.

The huge advantage of La Touche Musicale over OnlinePianist is that it can be connected to a piano/keyboard either via a MIDI-USB cable (for digital pianos) or by activating the device’s microphone (for acoustic pianos). Through this connection, the app is able to recognize the notes you play and give you instant feedback on your playing. It can also wait for you to play the right notes before continuing to the next ones (thanks to the learning mode). This interaction is a great added value: you learn much faster to play the notes and chords and you don’t get discouraged.

In addition to this interactive and fun learning system, La Touche Musicale has implemented a whole series of features designed to reinforce the memorization process and improve piano playing: note scrolling speed adjustment, deactivation of one hand to concentrate on the other, configuration of a specific passage of the song to play it in a loop, metronome, indication of the optimal fingering, … The features are numerous and will allow you to practice in the best conditions.

Finally, one of the best assets of the app is its catalog of songs. Indeed, La Touche Musicale offers more than 2500 songs of all genres and for all levels. You will be able to find French music, soundtracks of movies and series, OST of anime and manga, music of video games, and many other categories. Each category can be filtered by difficulty level of the songs: easy, medium, difficult, expert. So you can always play songs that match your current level. On this piano software, you also have the possibility to import your own piano MIDI files to learn to play them easily.

All in all, La Touche Musicale is an excellent alternative to OnlinePianist because it is more complete and less expensive.

This app is also present in our ranking of the best online piano lessons.

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la touche musicale onlinepianist alternative interactive lessons
la touche musicale onlinepianist alternative learning features
la touche musicale onlinepianist alternative catalog songs
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La Touche Musicale: the best alternative to OnlinePianist.
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2 – Chordify

Chordify is a web platform and a mobile app that allows you to learn how to play the chords of songs on the piano and guitar.

It is an interesting technological tool since it transforms the sound emitted by Youtube videos into chords. It incorporates advanced audio recognition technology.

Thanks to Chordify, you will be able to choose your song from all the videos on Youtube and learn to play the chords in real time. The interface is presented as a series of tablatures that scroll horizontally. A cursor indicates the exact moment when you have to play a certain chord in the tutorial.

The only drawback of Chordify is that you can’t really play the melodies of the songs (with arpeggios) but only the chords, rather intended for an accompaniment on the song.

Anyway, Chordify is a very good alternative to OnlinePianist thanks to the diversity of the songs offered and to a fun and easy to use method.

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Chordify: an alternative to OnlinePianist for learning the piano chords of thousands of songs.
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3 – Synthesia

Synthesia is a software dedicated to learning piano on computer. It is one of the oldest tools in the digital piano learning landscape.

The learning method of Synthesia is very similar to that of OnlinePianist or La Touche Musicale: sticks symbolizing the notes fall on a virtual piano which illuminate the right keys to play at the moment.

Like La Touche Musicale and unlike OnlinePianist, Synthesia integrates the note recognition function via the MIDI-USB cable connection (but not via the microphone of the device for acoustic pianos). The software waits for you to play the right notes before continuing to the next ones.

Even if Synthesia is aging, it is still very efficient in learning the piano. It integrates all the features that the pianist needs to start learning in the best conditions.

Synthesia is available as a software download (and not directly on the internet) and has recently released a mobile app allowing you to perfect your piano learning directly from your smartphone or tablet.

All in all, Synthesia is an interesting alternative to OnlinePianist in that the learning method is very similar while being more efficient, especially thanks to the connection of the piano by cable.

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Synthesia: a good alternative to OnlinePianist.
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4 – Yokee Piano

Yokee Piano is an app only available on iOS and Android (not on computer) that allows you to learn to play the piano on your smartphone and tablet.

Primarily aimed at beginners, this alternative to OnlinePianist seems to be highly appreciated by these users when exploring the comments left on the app’s PlayStore listing.

Yokee Piano includes a series of lessons for beginners that allow you to quickly get your bearings on the instrument and to evolve at your own pace without getting discouraged.

The proposed method is relatively simple in its form: you must follow lessons given by a virtual teacher. The latter makes you discover and master the essential notions in the learning of the piano: solfeggio, reading of scores, constitution of chords, repetition of scales, …

To conclude, Yokee Piano is a very interesting app that shares some teaching methods with OnlinePianist. So you should also appreciate it.

yokee piano alternative onlinepianist image 1
yokee piano alternative onlinepianist image 2
yokee piano alternative onlinepianist image 3
Yokee Piano: discover the alternative to OnlinePianist for online piano lessons.
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5 – iMusic School

iMusic School is a web platform and a mobile app that allows you to take music lessons online.

If iMusic School does not limit itself to piano lessons since it also offers guitar lessons or other instruments, it remains that the piano has a prominent place in the app.

The method proposed by iMusic School is closer to that of Yokee Piano: video lessons are made available to each student and are presented in a logical pedagogical sequence. All you have to do is watch the videos one by one and reproduce the exercises presented in each lesson to progress at your own pace.

Many topics are covered: reading the score, music theory, rhythm, coordination, … So many essential notions that serve to train a complete pianist.

It is therefore a good platform that will allow you to progress quickly while having fun. However, we would like to draw your attention to its price (the most expensive in this ranking): you will have to pay almost 25€/month to follow the online lessons of the app.

All in all, iMusic School is an interesting alternative to OnlinePianist in that it offers well-structured courses with a wide variety of themes, allowing you to explore a maximum number of aspects of learning your favorite instrument.

With iMusic School, you will learn how to read sheet music, and you might be interested in our article on the best sites to download piano sheet music.

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imusic school onlinepianist alternative image 3
iMusic School: discover the alternative to OnlinePianist for complete and varied courses.

Conclusion about Onlinepianist App: The 5 Best Alternatives

In this article, we have tried to present the best alternatives to OnlinePianist so that you can make an informed choice.

We have deliberately selected apps with different pedagogies and objectives so that you can benefit from a maximum of diversity in the choices offered.

Now it’s up to you to make your choice according to your tastes, your objectives and your time!

Don’t forget that you can also learn to play the instrument on our piano learning app.

If you are interested in this format, we recommend reading our articles on other apps, including alternatives to Flowkey, Simply Piano and Synthesia.

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