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Onlinepianist App: Presentation and Review


You are no doubt familiar with Onlinepianist, the Israeli app and website that allows you to learn piano online while having fun.

It’s a tool that has become increasingly popular since its release in 2010, and has managed to help many beginners to progress, such as La Touche Musicale app.

The main purpose of this article is to make a general retrospective of Onlinepianist. We will show you our general presentation of the app, how it works, its main features, advantages and disadvantages. You will also find at the end our general review about Onlinepianist and a link to download the app for free. Let’s get started!

General presentation of Onlinepianist

Onlinepianist is a mobile and tablet app as well as a website dedicated to piano learning for beginners.

Created in 2010, the site has been constantly improving since its release. The basic principle is quite simple: forget about the theoretical aspects of the piano to devote yourself entirely to what is most fun: learning your favorite songs on piano.

The idea is appealing. Especially when it’s developed in such a simple way. In fact, the application is designed for beginners and, as soon as you arrive, you can play the songs right away, without needing to know musical notation or solfeggio. Onlinepianist has made its platform as accessible as possible from the moment it was released. Bet won!

onlinepianist presentation
Presentation of the Onlinepianist piano app.
banner mobile onlinepianist

The overall operation of the app

On Onlinepianist, everything is done to get the app up and running quickly.

Once you have created your account, choose a song from their (very large) library, stand in front of your piano, keyboard or synthesizer, set the different parameters according to your preferences, and off you go!

The learning interface developed by Onlinepianist, although quite simple and rudimentary, is pedagogically effective. It consists of a page in the center of which the notes, symbolized in the form of sticks, descend on a virtual piano. All you have to do is press the right notes on your keyboard as the sticks arrive on the virtual piano.

The main features, which we will talk about later, are located both at the top of the interface and under the virtual piano.

onlinepianist operation app
Onlinepianist app operation.

The scores on Onlinepianist

Onlinepianist offers, next to its songs library, several hundreds or even thousands of scores of all genres. To download them, you have to pay. The price varies according to the score, but count about $5 to download a piano score of a song. 

onlinepianist scores
The scores sold on Onlinepianist.

The songs available on Onlinepianist

That’s Onlinepianist’s big strength: its catalog of songs. It’s one of the most extensive catalogs on the internet in the horizon of applications and websites dedicated to piano learning.

You can find thousands of songs of all genres and levels of difficulty.

Above the catalog there is a section where you can sort the songs by musical genre. And there’s plenty to choose from! For example, you can choose hits, classical music, entertainment, anime and manga songs, jazz, children’s music, songs just for piano accompaniment, … On Onlinepianist, you have all the choice you want!

onlinepianist songs piano
The piano songs available on Onlinepianist.
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Learning features

Onlinepianist provides its users with several features to customize and accelerate your learning:

– the number of fingers to play on each note that descends on the virtual piano in order to learn the correct piano fingering;

– The name of each note (C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C, …) ;

– A loop feature that allows you to play a particular passage of the songs or piano lessons you are learning in a loop;

– Display only the notes of the right hand or only the notes of the left hand;

– A metronome to help you keep the rhythm when you practice;

– A sustain module to tell you when to press and release the piano pedal;

– A module to decrease or increase the speed of the notes.

onlinepianist features piano
The learning piano features developed by Onlinepianist.

Advantages of the method

The biggest advantage of Onlinepianist is undeniably its ease of use and accessibility.

Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced, you’ll be able to immediately understand the notes to be played on the different songs available on Onlinepianist.

The additional features, such as note scrolling speed, sustain pedal, metronome, fingers to use, hands to play, allow you to customize your learning to make it the best possible according to your musical and pianistic sensitivity.

Disadvantages of Onlinepianist

While the simple, streamlined interface and practical features of Onlinepianist are very useful for learning to play piano, it still lacks the most important thing: the ability to interact with the app.

Indeed, you don’t have the possibility, such as La Touche Musicale app, Flowkey, Synthesia or Simply Piano, to connect your piano to the tool in order to interact with the tutorial and learn at your own pace.

In the context of the pedagogical performance, this is an important gap. It’s a pity!


The tool, like most piano applications, comes in two versions: a free version composed of a few dozen songs (maybe 50 or 60) and a paid version (also called “Premium”) allowing to unlock all the other songs in the songs library.

To access the Premium version of Onlinepianist, you can choose between three types of subscription :

– 3 months: 8,74€/month ;

– 6 months: 6,11€/month ;

– 1 year: 4,37€/month.

There is no monthly offer, which is a pity when you want to make a first try without committing to several months.

onlinepianist prices
Onlinepianist's prices.
banner mobile onlinepianist

Our general review on Onlinepianist

Onlinepianist is a good piano app that does perfectly what it promises: to make beginners learn piano easily.

The learning method is extremely simple and effective: you immediately recognize the notes to be played on the piano, without necessarily having to know music theory, musical notation or even solfeggio and its staves. This is a real plus for those who do not want to go through this more theoretical box in their piano career.

As for the learning features, they are quite practical. They allow you to customize your learning rhythm (speed, fingers to use, metronome, …) in order to progress at your own pace.

Nevertheless, we will point out two main difficulties:

– the lack of a monthly package so that you can try the premium version of Onlinepianist without having to make a commitment over several months;

– the lack of the MIDI connection functionality between the piano and the app, which allows the student’s learning speed to be boosted considerably.

Download the Onlinepianist app for free

To download the Onlinepianist app for free, it’s very simple. You only need to go to the Play Store or the App Store, depending on the operating system of your tablet or mobile: iOS or Android. It’s indeed available for free download. So you can try it for free and without any obligation.

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