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150,000 people already use La Touche Musicale app every day to learn the piano:

carte cadeau piano
carte cadeau piano
carte cadeau piano
carte cadeau piano

Learning the piano has never been this easy and fun

Connect your piano to your device. Play notes and chords in interaction with the app and receive instant feedback.

piano app learning interface
piano app mobile learning interface

Just learn

No need to know how to decipher a score or to know music theory. At a glance on your screen, you immediately recognize the notes to play on your piano.

piano app

Play at your own pace

Connect your keyboard or piano to your device’s USB port and instantly interact with the virtual piano for interactive lessons.

piano app practice

Practice right away

The long hours of theoretical lessons mixing music theory and scores are over. Go straight to practical lessons to learn to play the piano online in record time.

Benefits of the app

carte cadeau piano

Easy to use

Start learning in two minutes without any prior knowledge.

carte cadeau piano


The app automatically adapts to your own learning pace.

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Practice on your favorite songs while using the most powerful features.

carte cadeau piano


Play your first songs in just a few minutes.

Discover innovative features to boost your piano learning

piano usb connection

Piano connection

Connect your piano to interact with the app and learn the notes at your own pace.
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piano break for beginners

Learning mode

The app waits for you until you play the right notes on your piano.
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slow piano training

Slow motion

Slow and faster lessons and practice for each piece to be played on the piano.
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personalized piano teacher follow-up

Personalized follow-up

Get feedback, identify your mistakes and follow your progress closely.
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hand learn piano progress

Play one hand at a time

Play by working separately on the right and left hands during piano lessons.
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loop learn piano

Loop function

Choose a part of the song and repeat it over and over to learn it quickly.
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Thousands of songs adapted to your skill level

piano app categories music
application mobile piano chansons categories

Choose your categories

Explore the catalog among 20 categories: Pop, Jazz, Classical, Video games, Movies & series, Anime & manga, …

piano app difficulties songs
application mobile piano chansons difficultes

Choose your difficulty

Learn to play your favorite songs according to your piano skill level with 4 different difficulties.

Create and import your own songs to learn them on the piano

PianoConvert creates your scores, La Touche Musicale guides you to play them. Together, they form the perfect duo for your musical journey.

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1. Transcribe and download

With PianoConvert, convert any piano piece into PDF, MIDI and XML scores from a YouTube link or audio file.

Transcribe on PianoConvert

carte cadeau piano

2. Import your song

Import your transcribed MIDI tracks into your La Touche Musicale account in just a few clicks.

Import on La Touche Musicale

carte cadeau piano

3. Learn your song

Play your transcribed songs easily on the piano, thanks to advanced learning features.

Learn on La Touche Musicale

An app compatible with all types of pianos and keyboards

Whether you use an acoustic piano, a digital piano or a synthesizer, benefit from interactive lessons to learn to play at your own pace.

usb piano

Connection via MIDI-USB cable

microphone piano

Audio recognition by microphone

carte cadeau piano

Bluetooth connection

piano app interaction usb micro

Enjoy an optimal learning experience on all your devices

La Touche Musicale is a multi-platform solution. Log in to your account from your computer, tablet or smartphone to learn piano whenever and wherever you want.

piano app ios android web
piano app cross platform mobile web

An app that simplifies the daily life of thousands of pianists

Our pianists appreciate the ease of use and the pedagogical efficiency.

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piano app review

I’m still learning on the app and my playing is clearly improving, I now play 3 pieces pretty well. It is very playful, the catalog is provided and especially what a satisfaction to be able to play a piece in full. I could never have done it before for sure, since I am unable to read a score. What a joy it is to add to my repertoire!


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piano app review

It’s been several months since I started playing the piano again with La Touche Musicale, I have regained my confidence and learned many songs. I can’t read the notes on a score and frankly, without La Touche Musicale I wouldn’t have started again. It’s fun, extremely practical, easy to access and the music book is impressive. There are songs for all levels, the app is perfect, you can go with your eyes closed.


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piano app review

Really a very good realization this app. It’s been a year since I started piano so I’m at the beginner level. I use the learning mode a lot which is great. The app offers a great choice of songs and a lot of French ones too, for me it was essential.


stars stores app

A team of 4 passionate pianists will accompany you

We guide you through each step of your learning process.

carte cadeau piano

Created in 2020, La Touche Musicale is a young French start-up whose mission is to democratize piano learning through the development of innovative apps.

carte cadeau piano
carte cadeau piano
carte cadeau piano
carte cadeau piano

Any questions?

It is an app designed to make you learn piano online simply without scores on any device connected to the internet.

Indeed, with the help of a virtual piano and interactive lessons, the application guides you to start the piano with ease. The staves and scores are replaced by luminous notes that descend on the piano on the screen. This method is accessible to all and requires no prior knowledge of music theory.

Our practical exercises and teaching method show you the rhythm and measures to adopt for each piece of music. Also work on scales, chords and fingering efficiently without worrying about the theoretical aspects.

Unlike music schools and traditional lessons, learning a musical instrument online is the best way to improve and progress for free without having to travel. Now you can learn to play the piano from home through quality lessons.

With the app La Touche Musicale, learn all the music you want on the piano, when you want, without advertising and at a very attractive monthly rate.

To learn the piano on the app and follow the lessons, you need:

1) First, an electric piano, synthesizer or electronic keyboard that can be connected to your device.

2) Second, a MIDI-USB cable that allows you to connect your keyboard or piano to the USB port of your device.

3) Third, a device with a USB plug.

Of course! Our courses are specifically designed for beginners who want to start playing the piano. No matter what your level is, you are sure to find what you are looking for and progress in your piano career.

The efficient and extremely simplified learning system gives you access to didactic courses. Score reading is not a prerequisite and the lessons are accessible to all.

The function of displaying your mistakes and successes helps you to better understand your game and your blocking points to overcome them.

On the software, you can learn to play the piano very quickly, whatever your level.

1) First, go to the software and sign up.

2) Choose your song from a very diverse catalog.

3) Then connect your keyboard, synthesizer or piano to your device. Position your fingers as advised in the video tutorial. No score reading is required to play.

4) Finally, let the app guide you and learn very quickly with effective piano lessons.

Our method is based on both visual and practical learning. This methodology stimulates the memory functions of your brain, allowing you to learn very quickly while having fun.

On the La Touche Musicale app, our lessons are therefore designed to offer you an enjoyable and efficient piano learning experience.

When you take free piano lessons on the online app, you can :

– Access to an ultra-simplified reading system without score and without music theory, where the notes to be played are easily identifiable.

– Connect your keyboard or piano to your device to play in interaction with the platform and learn at your own pace.

– Access to 4 learning modes to progressively evolve towards a total mastery of the piece.

– Work independently on your right or left hand to improve your coordination and fingering on the piano.

– Select a specific passage of the song to play it over and over again and get to know it very quickly.

– Adjust the speed of the notes to master the beats and learn at your own pace.

– Display the names of the notes that scroll by (C D E F G A B) to familiarize yourself with music notation and the more classical courses.

– Access your playing results in real time to spot your mistakes (like a music teacher would do in his lessons) and progress faster on the piano.

The app offers a vast and varied catalog of more than 2,500 pieces of music (free and premium) to play on the piano, of all genres and all levels of difficulty. All without the need to read a score.

You will find the most famous hits of the moment as well as the most classical music compositions.

Here are some examples of songs to learn online through our courses:

– Rock : Elvis Presley, Metallica, The Beatles, The Pixies, …

– Pop and hits : Rihanna, Billie Eilish, Beyonce, Ed Sheeran, The Weeknd, Selena Gomez, …

– French music : Renaud, Laurent Voulzy, Jean-Jacques Goldman, Edith Piaf, Pascal Obispo, Francis Cabrel …

– Classical : Mozart, Beethoven, Debussy, Brahms, Vivaldi, Erik Satie, Liszt, Chopin, …

– Video games music : Kingdom Hearts, Undertale, Final Fantasy, Halo, Zelda, Assassin’s Creed, Animal Crossing, …

– Christmas songs : O Christmas Tree, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, O Holy Night, …

– Manga and anime titles : Your Lie in April, Naruto, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Fairy Tail, Chihiro, L’attaque des titans, …

– Electronic: Alan Walker, Martin Garrix, David Guetta, Swedish House Mafia, …

– Rap : 2Pac, Booba, Childish Gambino, Lil Wayne, Drake, Kanye West, …

– Original soundtracks for movies and TV series : A Star is Born, Bohemian Rhapsody, La Casa de Papel, Intouchables, Twilight, Gladiator, La La Land, Titanic, …

– Songs from cartoons (Disney in particular): Aladdin, Rapunzel, Vaiana, Toy Story, The Snow Queen, …

– And many other musical genres!

On your La Touche Musicale account, you can import your own songs and exercises in MIDI format to learn to play them on the piano.

To do this, simply :

1- Download MIDI files for free on the internet (we recommend the best MIDI sites)

2 – Go to your La Touche Musicale account and add them in two clicks via our simplified import system.

3 – Connect your piano to your device and learn your MIDI file at your own pace.

For more information, see our page dedicated to the importation of MIDI files for piano.

Learning piano online with La Touche Musicale means taking quality lessons and learning very quickly.

Our method and our training course are designed to accelerate your musical learning. The courses offered are very easy to learn. Since score reading is not required, you will progress in record time.

As a result, by playing diligently, you will master your first piano melody in just a few days.

La Touche Musicale offers a completely free version containing over 250 songs to learn on the piano. You can also import all the music you like in MIDI format for free.

The Premium catalog contains over 3,000 songs of all genres and difficulties. Most of them are recent and contemporary songs (pop, rock, film music, video games, …).

To access La Touche Musicale Premium, you can choose between 3 types of subscription:

– 1 month: €14.99/month

– 6 months: €10.99/month (-27%)

– 12 months: €7.49/month (-50%).

Yes, you can buy a gift card, it’s a great idea! Our gift cards are available here.

Get started today

With La Touche Musicale, learning piano online has never been easier or more fun.

Try it, it’s free and without obligation!