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Here Is Our Selection of Piano for Beginners

You hesitate between buying a piano or a guitar and the price is a decisive argument in your reflection. More and more of you are attracted to learning the king of instruments. Between 2006 and 2017, an additional 5 million French people wanted to start learning piano. But every beginner necessarily comes up against this question: which piano model to choose? There are so many of them. To make your task easier, La Touche Musicale offers you a selection of piano for beginners that perfectly adapts to our application and that will satisfy you according to your budget.

For small budgets

Nektar Impact GX61

88,00 €

You don’t have a lot of money to buy your first keyboard but still want to have a model of a suitable quality and adapted to our application? Regardless of your age, if you are new to piano playing, The Nektar Impact GX61 is made for you! With 61 velocity-sensitive notes, modulation wheels and buttons that make it easy to change octaves, this model will provide you with great comfort to get started and reliability. 

The buyers of the Nektar Impact GX61 were very satisfied with their choice and highly recommend it. The only problem with this keyboard is that it is a master keyboard. In other words, it will only emit sound when it is connected to a computer via USB and read by specific software (such as Garage Band or La Touche Musicale). But it is also convenient to connect it to our application! Indeed, the MIDI-USB cable is provided with this model. So you won’t need to buy one separately to practice on Flowkey, La Touche Musicale, Onlinepianist or Simply Piano app.

+ : a certain reliability, a heavy touch, an undeniable playing comfort

– : only emits sound when connected via USB

Average budgets

Nektar Impact GX61

191,00 €

With its very refined design and classic features, the NP12B from the prestigious Yamaha brand will satisfy the fingers of the most dedicated pianists. Despite a sound quality that is not really there (its speakers are only 2 × 2.5 watts), it is equipped with high-performance sampling and high-flying technology (faithful to the famous Japanese brand).

The model measures 1.03 m in height and weighs only 4.5 kg, so it can be transported quite easily.

In general, the NP12B is therefore a very well-made model whose design has not been rushed. It can easily be used in living rooms, cars, bedrooms (and why not even toilets!). 

+ : the very refined and pleasant design, its transportability, its very simple but effective features, its instinctive handling.

– : the sound quality, its lack of dynamism.

High budget

Korg SP-170S-BK

345,00 €

Here, we are far from the 300 kg pianos that make your life miserable by forcing you to pray to those around you to help you transport it. With the Korg SP-170S-BK, no more dependency! You will now be able to move your piano without any problem.

For classes, concerts and even holidays, there is nothing better to nourish your inspiration and your artistic soul than rest and a peaceful environment. You can take your piano with you to the seaside and be inspired by the sound of the waves to compose the most wonderful melodies.

Its natural and heavy touch, easily comparable to that of an acoustic piano, promotes great ease and a very good feeling on the keyboard. 

The designers of the Korg SP-170S have designed a precise and meticulous keyboard, approaching perfection as closely as possible to satisfy their detail-oriented customers and provide them with the best possible quality.

For its exceptional qualities, the price of the Korg SP-170S-BK is very correct.

If your budget for the purchase of a piano is relatively high, don’t hesitate, take it! 

+ : very pleasant heavy touch, very easy to use, very complete and functional, very high sound quality (the sound really reacts to velocity).

– : range of sounds too limited.

What about the MIDI-USB cable?

You have found your happiness among our selection of piano for beginners, but you are missing one last element.
We haven’t forgotten it! And yes, because if you want to learn the piano on the La Touche Musicale app, you must connect your piano to your computer via a MIDI-USB cable. But where can I find them? How do I know if it will work on my computer and piano?

Don’t worry, we recommend a model tested by us and of good quality.

The OIBETECH cable

 12,99 €

This cable from Oibetech works very well on the application (with a piano of course with a MIDI connector). It has MIDI ports (IN and OUT) and is very easy to use. It does not require the installation of any driver since it is already integrated into the system. 

So all you have to do is connect your piano to the La Touche Musicale application using this cable to make it work automatically. Technology is beautiful, isn’t it? Once you have chosen your piano, you can consult our article to learn the piano faster.

With our selection of piano for beginners, you have all the cards in hand to make your choice according to your budget and start learning the piano via La Touche Musicale! Good learning, pianist friends!

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