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The 15 Most Beautiful Piano Love Songs to Play

piano love songs

Are you passionate about romantic music and would like to learn to play piano love songs? You are not alone!

Many movies, TV series and famous works have transported us to a romantic world where love songs have deeply marked us. They have given more strength to the cinematographic scenes and have become anchored in our memories.

It’s not surprising that many amateur musicians dream of learning these songs on the piano.

But which ones to choose? There are so many of them!

To save you hours of research, we propose in this article to help you make your choice. You will find our top 15 best piano love songs that have made a lasting impression with their beauty and romanticism. Let’s go!

PS: all these songs can be found on our application dedicated to online piano learning. So you can play them with ease.

Note: all the songs presented in this article are available on the La Touche Musicale piano learning app. So you can learn to play them with ease.

santa fe bon jovi

1 – Santa Fe – Bon Jovi

Santa Fe is a song written and composed by the artist Bon Jovi, released for the first time in 1990 in his album Blaze of Glory.

The song is very nice to play on the piano and has a deeply romantic atmosphere, like some anime and manga songs on the piano. Moreover, it remains relatively easy.

It’s a beautiful love song that will move those around you when you play it.

To access the piano sheet music of Santa Fe, click here.

santa fe piano love song
Piano love song: learn Santa Fe by Bon Jovi on La Touche Musicale.
how long will i love you elli goulding

2 – How Long Will I Love You – Ellie Goulding

How Long Will I Love You is a song written by the American pop singer Ellie Goulding.

It’s a love song about the memories of a person with his lover, walking on the sand and living a happy married life.

This song is very beautiful and delivers a very special emotion when played on the piano. That’s why many pianists want to learn it.

Moreover, this romantic music is very easy to play. On the La Touche Musicale application, it’s categorized as an easy song, within the reach of all beginners.

If you want to reveal all the love you have for your soulmate, you should learn this song on the piano.

If you’d like to discover more songs to play, we recommend checking out our article on the best easy piano songs.

To access the piano score of How Long Will I Love You, click here.

how long will i love you piano
Learn to play How Long Will I Love You on La Touche Musicale.
cant help falling in love elvis presley

3 – Can’t Help Falling in Love – Elvis Presley

Can’t Help Falling in Love is a song written by the famous rock singer Elvis Presley, released in 1961 as part of the soundtrack of the movie Blue Hawaii.

Upon its release, the music was acclaimed by both the public and the critics. It reached number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States, and number 1 in Great Britain.

It was nominated for the American Music Award for Best Pop/Rock Single and the Independent Music Award for Best Cover Song.

Today, it’s one of the most played love songs on the piano and has been covered many times.

To discover more similar music, you can check out our article dedicated to the best piano rock songs or the best piano jazz pieces.

To access the piano sheet music of the track Can’t Help Falling in Love, click here.

cant help falling in love piano
Piano love songs for beginners: learn to play Can't Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley.
goodbye my lover james blunt

4 – Goodbye My Lover – James Blunt

Goodbye My Lover is a song composed by James Blunt and released in 2004 in the album Back to Bedlam.

It’s considered one of the biggest commercial successes of the artist.

The love song is very beautiful and is only composed of a piano melody on which the voice of James Blunt is superimposed.

Moreover, it’s a very easy music to play on the piano. Like most of the songs in this article, it’s categorized as easy music on our piano learning app.

It’s also a sad piano music that would have perfectly belonged in our ranking dedicated to this type of songs.

To access the piano sheet music of Goodbye My Lover, click here.

goodbye my lover piano
Learn to play the song Goodbye My Lover on La Touche Musicale.
new light john mayer

5 – New Light – John Mayer

New Light by John Mayer is one of the most recent songs in this article.

Released in 2018 in his self-titled album, the track has received a very positive response from the public and music critics.

It is a love song that is very easy to play on the piano. If you want to move your audience, jump on it!

With its magic, this piece can also be compared to the best piano Christmas songs.

To access the piano score of New Light by John Mayer, click here.

new light piano love
Learn to play the love song New Light on La Touche Musicale.
love is a choice bridgerton kris bowers

6 – Love Is a Choice (Bridgerton) – Kris Bowers

Love Is a Choice is a music by composer Kris Bowers, released in 2020 for the Netflix produced series Bridgerton.

The original song, composed of piano and violin, is very soft and immerses us in the romantic world of Bridgerton. It reminds us of the romance and passion of forbidden love that the two main protagonists of the story experience.

Played on the piano, the song Love Is a Choice is beautiful and gives off a very powerful emotion. Very slow, it’s also easy to play and within the reach of any beginner. Fans of the Bridgerton series, jump at the chance and learn it on the piano!

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To access the piano sheet music of Love Is a Choice, click here.

love is a choice piano song
Learn to play Love is a Choice with La Touche Musicale.
someone you loved lewis capaldi

7 – Someone You Loved – Lewis Capaldi

Someone You Loved is a song by American artist Lewis Capaldi, released in 2019 on the album Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent.

The track was very popular with the public upon its release and was even nominated for a Grammy Award for Song of the Year.

Someone You Loved is a very romantic song that expresses the passion one feels when falling in love.

It’s a music that is quite difficult to play on the piano when you are a beginner. However, there are simplified versions that allow any beginner pianist to learn it. We propose some on La Touche Musicale.

You can also check out our article on the best rap songs to play on the piano.

To access the piano score of Someone you Loved, click here.

someone you loved piano
Learn to play Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi on La Touche Musicale.
true love waits radiohead

8 – True Love Waits – Radiohead

True Love Waits is a track by the rock band Radiohead, released in 2001 in the album I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings.

It’s not the most famous music of the band, but it’s certainly one of the most romantic.

It tells what a true love story is and immerses us in a very powerful emotional atmosphere.

Learning True Love Waits on the piano will allow you to expand your musical repertoire and play songs that are both rock and romantic.

To access the piano score of True Love Waits, click here.

true love waits piano
Piano song: learn to play True Love waits by Radiohead.
stay with me sam smith

9 – Stay With Me – Sam Smith

Released in 2014 in the album In the Lonely HourStay With Me is a song by English singer Sam Smith that became very popular upon its release.

Written by Sam Smith, William Phillips, Tom Pretty, Jimmy Napier and Jeff Lynne, the music is now the most successful of the singer. By the end of 2014, Stay With Me had indeed sold more than 10 million copies worldwide.

It was nominated in several categories at the 57th Grammy Awards.

The song is about the refusal to say goodbye and the passion of a romance.

Stay With Me is a fairly easy love song to play on the piano. If you are a beginner and want to declare your love musically, learn it!

To access the piano score of Stay With Me, click here.

stay with me piano love song
Learn to play Stay With Me on La Touche Musicale.
love me yiruma

10 – Love Me – Yiruma

Love Me is a composition of the South Korean pianist Yiruma, published in 2001 in the album First Love.

Yiruma made a name for himself by including some of his compositions in the soundtrack of the movie Twilight on piano.

Love Me is a music composed only of piano and has, like most of Yiruma’s tracks, a deeply poetic and melancholic character.

It’s one of the composer’s most frequently played piano love songs. Slow and gentle, it’s also quite easy to learn. Beginning pianists can enjoy it.

To access the piano sheet music of Love Me, click here.

love me piano
Play Love Me by Yiruma on La Touche Musicale.
you and me lifehouse

11 – You and Me – Lifehouse

First released in 2005, You and Me is the most famous song by American alternative rock band Lifehouse.

It differs from their previous singles by introducing a more melodic tone and a softer melody.

The song quickly became a huge commercial success and reached the top 5 in the US and Australia, selling over 500,000 copies the same year it was released.

This love song also has a piano version that is beautiful. Reworked for the instrument, this version marvels by its softness, its simplicity and its romanticism.

If you want to learn how to play this kind of music, we recommend you check out our articles on the easiest songs to play with letters and notes, the best piano songs to play with easy chords and the best piano songs to play with numbers.

To access the piano sheet music of You and Me, click here.

you and me piano love
Learn to play the love song You and Me on La Touche Musicale.
the heart asks pleasure first michael nyman

12 – The Heart Asks Pleasure First (The Piano) – Michael Nyman

The Heart Asks Pleasure First is a composition by English pianist-conductor Michael Nyman, first released on movie in 1993.

It’s the main theme of Jane Campion’s movie The Piano, which was a great success when it was released in cinemas and won numerous awards.

The Heart Asks Pleasure First was also very popular and the album in which it is featured (The piano (soundtrack)) has gone gold and platinum, selling nearly a million copies worldwide.

The music is soft, tender and romantic. Played during the movie The Piano, it reinforces the tragic character of the work while offering a great emotional power.

Played on the piano, this love song is one of the most beautiful ever written by a composer.

On the other hand, The Heart Asks Pleasure First is one of the most difficult music to play in this article. If you are a beginner, we recommend you to start with other titles of this ranking.

To access the piano score of the song The Heart Asks Pleasure First, click here.

the heart asks pleasure first piano love
Learn to play The Heart Asks Pleasure First on La Touche Musicale.
let her go passenger

13 – Let Her Go – Passenger

Let Her Go is a song written by pop artist Passenger and released on his 2012 album All the Little Lights.

It’s also the artist’s best known and most successful music, being nominated for several awards, such as the Brit Award for Best British Single. On Youtube, the video of the official clip has exceeded almost 3 billion views in 2021.

In many countries (Australia, Austria, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, …), the track has been ranked #1 for many weeks.

Let Her Go is a romantic song that is originally played with a synthesizer and an acoustic guitar.

The piano version of the music is also very nice and will transmit your love to the person who will hear you play it.
Moreover, it’s easy to play on the piano. Enjoy it!

If you’re interested in this song, we recommend you read our article on the 20 best pop songs to play on the piano.

To access the piano sheet music of Let Her Go, click here.

let her go piano love song
Piano love song: learn to play Let Her Go by Passenger on La Touche Musicale.
you ll be in my heart phil collins

14 – You’ll Be in My Heart (Tarzan) – Phil Collins

You’ll Be in My Heart is a song by Phil Collins, released in 1985 for the release of the Disney animated film Tarzan in theaters.

It has become a cult soundtrack to the animated movie and has won numerous awards, including the Oscar for Best Original Song and the Golden Globe for Best Original Song.

You’ll Be in My Heart is a love song that recalls the tragic and romantic world in which Tarzan evolves throughout the adventure.

Played on the piano, this track delivers a very beautiful emotion and will make you go back to your childhood memories.

You can discover more Disney piano music in our article dedicated to this topic. You can also find more similar songs in our ranking of the best piano songs for kids.

To access the piano score of the song You’ll Be in My Heart, click here.

you ll be in my heart piano love
Play You'll be in My Heart on La Touche Musicale.
beatles real love

15 – Real Love – The Beatles

Real Love is a song written by the world-famous artist John Lennon and completed by the other 3 members of The Beatles (Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney and George Harrison) in 1995.

The single was very well received by the public and the critics, reaching the 4th place of the best sellers in England and the 10th place in the USA.

It’s considered the last official Beatles song.

Performed on the piano, this love song is very pretty and will remind you of the warm and peaceful atmosphere of the 90s.

It’s also quite easy to play on the piano. Beginners and advanced players alike can take the opportunity to learn this legendary song!

You can find Real Love in our article dedicated to the most beautiful piano songs to play at weddings.

To acces the piano score of Real Love, click here.

real love piano song
Learn to play Real Love by The Beatles.

Conclusion about The 15 Most Beautiful Piano Love Songs to Play

The 15 piano love songs presented above form our selection La Touche Musicale. But of course there are many more!

If you are looking for romance, love and passion on piano, don’t hesitate to learn these tracks on our online piano learning application. They are easy and so beautiful to hear. So don’t hesitate any longer, go for it!

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