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The 5 Best Piano Songs from La La Land

la la land piano songs

Do you love the world of the film La La Land and want to learn to play its music on the piano? You’ve come to the right place!

La La Land is a magnificent film, dominated by romance and emotion. The songs on the soundtrack are also very beautiful, and many amateur musicians want to learn how to play them on the piano. And that’s just as well!

In this article, we present our selection of the 5 best La La Land songs to play on the piano. Let’s get started!

Note: all the songs presented in this article are available on the La Touche Musicale piano learning app. So you can learn to play them with ease.

city of stars la la land

1 – City of Stars (La La Land Main Theme) – Justin Hurwitz

City of Stars is one of the film’s far-out soundtracks. Composed by musician Justin Hurwitz and released to coincide with the film’s release in 2016, the song was an instant hit, appealing to a wide audience.

It’s a very romantic and nostalgic track, with tunes akin to jazz piano music.

That’s why so many amateur musicians wanted to learn City of Stars on the piano.

It’s also quite easy to learn. That’s why we’ve included it in our ranking of the best easy-to-play piano pieces. With hard work, you can learn it in just a few days.

city of stars la la land piano
La La Land at the piano: learn City of Stars on La Touche Musicale.
mia sebastian theme la la land

2 – Mia & Sebastian’s Theme – Justin Hurwitz

Mia & Sebastian Theme is also one of the best-known themes in the film La La Land.

This song appears several times in the film, always when the two main protagonists are together.

It’s a lovely piece of music when played on the piano. In fact, it exudes great emotion and will amaze your audience once you’ve learned it. It can be likened to some of the new Star Wars piano songs in its nostalgic style.

What’s more, Mia & Sebastian’s Theme has been adapted in versions that are much easier to play than the original. As an example, we offer a very simple version on our online piano learning app, suitable for all beginners.

mia sebastian theme la la land piano
Learn to play Mia & Sebastian's Theme on La Touche Musicale.
another day of sun la la land

3 – Another Day of Sun – Justin Hurwitz

Another Day of Sun is a dynamic song that lends rhythm to the film La La Land and reinforces the emotion conveyed during some of its scenes.

Breaking with the deeply romantic atmosphere of the other tracks on the soundtrack, it’s a favorite with fans of the film.

You can learn this La La Land song on the piano in just a few weeks, thanks to the features we offer on the La Touche Musicale app. Beware, however, of the song’s difficulty; it’s one of the most difficult in this ranking. If you’re new to the piano, we’d advise you to start with another song before learning it.

With its romanticism, Another Day of Sun can also be compared to some of Elton John’s piano songs.

another day of sun la la land piano
La La Land piano scores: learn to play Another Day of Sun on La Touche Musicale.
epilogue la la land

4 – Epilogue – Justin Hurwitz

Epilogue is very similar to the song Mia & Sebastian’s Theme mentioned earlier in this ranking, but incorporates a few variations and an even more melancholy tone.

Intervening at the end of the film, Epilogue closes this magnificent story told by La La Land and embodied by our two heroes Mia and Sebastian.

The music is easy enough to learn on the piano. If you’re a beginner taking up the instrument, we recommend you start with this track, which is one of the simplest in this selection.

If you like this type of music, you’ll enjoy our articles on the most beautiful sad piano music and on the best classical piano compositions.

epilogue la la land piano
Learn to play Epilogue on the piano on La Touche Musicale.
engagement party la la land

5 – It’s Over – Engagement Party – Justin Hurwitz

It’s Over – Engagement Party is a little less well known than the others in this ranking from the La La Land soundtrack.

But that doesn’t detract from its beauty! In fact, like most of the others in this selection, it’s a track that moves with its romanticism and melancholy, just like certain anime and manga piano songs.

And it’s one that’s caught on with the piano community, who are playing it more and more.

It’s Over – Engagement Party is also easy enough to learn on the piano. Beginners and advanced alike are sure to find something to their liking!

its over engagement party la la land piano
Learn to play La La Land's It's Over - Engagement Party on the piano on La Touche Musicale.

Conclusion about The 5 Best Piano Songs from La La Land

The 5 themes from the film La La Land mentioned above are all beautiful and easy enough to play on the piano. They deliver unparalleled emotion that will amaze your audience.

Indeed, film music on the piano has the power to awaken in us memories of sequences we’ve watched and which have marked us, making the emotion even stronger when played.

In any case, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, if you’re a fan of the film La La Land, don’t wait any longer and learn all these songs easily on the piano on the La Touche Musicale app!

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