Progressing on Piano: Tips and Tricks

Piano Notes: Reading, Timing, Patterns, Dynamics

Do you want to understand and identify piano notes to acquire the basics of music theory? We explain everything in this article!

The 10 Best Piano Software to Download

Looking for piano software to learn the instrument or to compose? Discover our selection of the best piano software downloadable on the web.

When you start playing the piano, you always have lots of questions and help would be welcome to help you progress. This section deals with the various questions you ask yourself when you are a beginner. You will find articles on choosing pianos, the age at which you can learn the piano, and much more. Enjoy!
How will these articles help me progress on piano?
These articles have been written to help you progress no matter where you are: choice of piano, faster memorization, … With these articles, you’ll be in good hands and will be able to make your choices faster and improve your technique.

When can I use these items?
You can use them at any time. Whether you have not yet purchased your piano or have already started your training, these articles will guide you through all the steps of your training.

Do you have other themes related to the piano?
Of course! In particular, you can read the following themes: The Ultimate Pianist GuideAll about piano and music, The best sheet music to download for free in PDF and The Best Piano Songs to learn.