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Don’t you have a piano? Click on the keys of this virtual piano to play and practice.

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How to get your bearings on a piano keyboard?

Each piano is built in a logical way. Look at the black keys (also called ‘Sharp’ or #). They are structured as follows: 2 black keys in a row, then 3 black keys in a row, then 2 black keys, then 3 black keys, etc…


Find your way around with the black keys of your piano : if a white key is pressed, you have to look at its location in relation to the black keys; if it is placed between the first two black keys of a series of 3 blacks, it is simply the G note.


Where are the notes C, D, E, F,… on a piano keyboard?

The note C always starts on the white note to the left of the series of two black keys. Sit on your piano thanks to her.


Once you have spotted your C, you only have to move up one key to find the D, move up another key to find the E, and so on…


How does this virtual keyboard work?

Click on the keys of the piano to play sound. The tones emitted are those of a piano.

How to change the octave?

To change octaves and play higher or lower notes, you must click on “Octaves” located in the upper left corner of the piano. You will then have to go down or up an octave to play different tones.

What do the notations “g4”, “c1”, … at the bottom of the keys mean?

These notations are the international equivalent of our musical notation system “C”, “D”, “E”, … Each number behind the letter represents the octave you are standing on. So “G4” is equivalent to the note “G” in the fourth octave.

Where can I find a virtual keyboard application on which to really learn to play the piano?

This virtual keyboard only allows you to learn music theory through interaction with your computer mouse.

To go further, you can of course take piano lessons at the conservatory or with a private teacher, but you can also access online lessons. To do so, you need a minima a numeric piano or synthesizer that you can plug into your computer.

On La Touche Musicale, you can connect your piano or synthesizer via USB to interact with the virtual keyboard and learn the songs you love.

The La Touche Musicale online application: connect your piano and learn piano in a simple way
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