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Top 10 Musicals to Play on the Piano

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Would you like to learn to play songs from famous musicals on the piano? You’ve come to the right place!

We often underestimate the richness that can be found in films and musicals. Yet it’s in these artistic productions that we can sometimes find the most inspiration and desire to play music. And we prove it with our top 10 piano musicals.

The catchy rhythm, the feeling of rewatching the film as you play the music and the melody all contribute to this strong urge to play the piano.

The worlds built around this music are captivating, and invite you to immerse yourself in them by playing a musical instrument, especially the piano.

Some of these musical productions have enjoyed great success, making them universal. Here’s a list of musicals and films to learn to play the piano.

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mamma mia piano

Mamma Mia – Dancing Queen

First a musical, then adapted into a film starring Meryl Streep, Mamma Mia features a large number of songs, notably by the group ABBA, that are still cult favorites in people’s minds today.

grease piano

Grease – You’re The One That I Want

A cult film from the 70s, it marked the childhood and adolescence of many with its songs and large-scale choreographed dances. The universe even continues with a second installment that’s just as good on music.

greatest showman piano

The Greatest Showman – This Is Me

A biopic of P.T. Barnum, we discover in song the life of the man who made the big top circus possible. These powerful songs about difference and acceptance of others are well worth playing.

sister act musical piano

Sister Act – Oh Happy Day

In this film, which mixes religion and humor, we find songs full of emotion, with a rhythm and melody that keep us humming. Among them, Oh Happy Day is a legendary song. Thanks to its catchy rhythm and the joie de vivre it exudes, this song gives us motivation when we play the piano, just like certain manga and anime songs. And you know what else? It’s easy to play on the piano! So if you’re a beginner, you can play it quite easily.

If you’d like to play other simple songs, take a look at our article on the best easy-to-play piano songs.

westside story musical piano

West Side Story – America

A musical from the 60s, it marks a turning point with its focus on immigration. This only adds to the importance and value of these songs, which are now staples of the musical.

blue brothers musical piano

Blues Brothers – Everybody Needs Somebody

A blend of rhythm&blues and gospel, this ’80s film features great singers such as Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles. These danceable, sing-along rhythms are perfect for playing on the piano. To discover more artists and songs in this musical style, read our article on the best jazz music to play on the piano.

dirty dancing musical piano

Dirty dancing – The Time of My Life

A timeless film featuring one of the best-known songs of all time. The Time of My Life continues to be one of the most successful film scores of all time. Its catchy, nostalgic rhythm is reminiscent of some classical piano music, making it all the more appealing for this musical instrument.

flashdance musical piano

Flashdance – What a Feeling

An ’80s film with a choreographed finale, it wouldn’t be the same without this song, which gets you up and dancing as soon as you hear it. The piano arrangements of this song are simple enough to play.

romeo juliet musical piano

Romeo and Juliette – Aimer

A musical inspired by Shakespeare’s masterpiece, it transports us into another universe. Emotional music is ideal for piano playing, as it conveys a certain strength to the pianist. You can find more emotional songs in our article dedicated to sad piano music.

fame musical piano

Fame – Remember My Name

A story about the ambition of young artists to achieve fame and success, the music in this musical is ideal for anyone with ambitions to play the piano, just like the Disney songs.

Conclusion about Top 10 Musicals to Play on the Piano

This list of the best songs from musicals to play on the piano is by no means exhaustive, but it does give you an idea of the diversity of the works to be played.

Musicals are an integral part of our modern popular culture and, as such, the songs that make them up are also very interesting to play on the 88-key instrument.

Don’t forget that you can learn to play all these titles on our app dedicated to simplified piano learning, so don’t hesitate!

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