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The 10 Best Billie Eilish Songs to Play on the Piano

billie eilish songs piano

Billie Eilish, a true musical phenomenon of recent years, has captivated the world with her unique voice and deeply emotional compositions.

Since her meteoric rise with 2016’s “Ocean Eyes”, Billie has enjoyed one hit after another, winning multiple Grammy Awards and becoming an icon of modern pop music. Her songs, often co-written and produced by her brother Finneas, are distinguished by introspective lyrics and catchy melodies.

In this article, we’ve selected the 10 best Billie Eilish songs to play on the piano. Combining musical beauty and emotional depth, these songs offer a unique experience for pianists of all levels.

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ocean eyes

Ocean Eyes

Released in 2016, “Ocean Eyes” is one of Billie Eilish’s first big hits.

The song speaks of the fascination and pain of deep love, and is distinguished by its gentle melody and poetic lyrics. Originally written for a dance class, “Ocean Eyes” was co-written with her brother, Finneas O’Connell.

The song quickly gained popularity after being posted on SoundCloud, catching the public’s attention thanks to its simple production and Billie’s haunting vocals.

ocean eyes billie eilish piano
Billie Eilish songs on the piano: learn “Ocean Eyes” with La Touche Musicale
bad guy

Bad Guy

In 2019, Billie Eilish released “Bad Guy”, a track with a catchy beat that quickly dominated the global charts.

The song plays with themes of sass and subverting expectations. Accompanied by a catchy bass line and a unique rhythm, “Bad Guy” has become iconic for its memorable chorus.

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bad guy billie eilish piano
Billie Eilish piano tunes: learn “Bad Guy” with La Touche Musicale
everything i wanted

Everything I Wanted

“Everything I Wanted” is a song released in 2019 that explores themes of depression and unfulfilled dreams.

With a melancholic melody and introspective lyrics, the song offers a glimpse into Billie Eilish’s vulnerability. Written in collaboration with her brother, Finneas, the song is a reflection on fame and personal expectations.

This is a difficult song, so beginner pianists are advised to practice before taking the plunge!

everything i wanted billie eilish piano
Famous Billie Eilish songs on the piano: learn “Everything I Wanted” with La Touche Musicale
i love you

I Love You

Released in 2019, “I Love You” is a touching ballad about the complexities of love and feelings of regret.

The song is dominated by delicate vocal harmonies and soothing acoustic guitar. The track highlights Billie’s ability to express deep emotions with disarming simplicity.

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i love you billie eilish piano
Learn “I Love You” on the piano with La Touche Musicale
what was i made for

What Was I Made For

“What Was I Made For” is a song from 2023, part of the soundtrack to the film “Barbie”.

This introspective track explores existential and personal questions. The song features a gentle melody and contemplative lyrics, creating an introspective atmosphere.

This song is relatively easy to play on the piano, so give it a go!

what was i made for billie eilish piano
Billie Eilish songs on the piano: learn “What Was I Made For” with La Touche Musicale
six feet under

Six Feet Under

In 2016, Billie Eilish released “Six Feet Under”, a song about the pain of a breakup and the feeling of loss.

The song is marked by minimal production and Billie’s ethereal voice, creating a melancholic mood. The track was produced by her brother Finneas and quickly became a fan favorite for its emotional honesty and musical simplicity.

six feet under billie eilish piano
Famous Billie Eilish piano music: learn “Six Feet Under” with La Touche Musicale
when the party's over

When The Party's Over

“When the Party’s Over”, released in 2018, is a song that evokes feelings of loneliness and despair after a breakup.

The sparse melody, dominated by piano and delicate vocal harmonies, accentuates the emotional depth of the lyrics. The video clip, in which Billie sheds dark tears, also made a strong impression and contributed to the song’s visual impact.

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when the party's over billie eilish piano
Learn “When the Party's Over” on the piano with La Touche Musicale
happier than ever

Happier Than Ever

Released in 2021, “Happier Than Ever” is a song that starts gently before transforming into a cathartic cry of liberation.

The track deals with personal empowerment and emancipation after a toxic relationship. The song, which changes tempo and tone, shows Billie Eilish’s versatility as an artist.

This song is intermediate level, but with a little practice, anyone can play it!

happier than ever billie eilish piano
Billie Eilish songs to play on the piano: learn “Happier Than Ever” with La Touche Musicale


“Lovely”, a collaboration with Khalid released in 2018, is about battling depression and finding beauty in dark times.

The song is built around melancholic melodies and harmonious vocals, creating an emotive atmosphere. “Lovely” was also featured on the soundtrack of the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why”.

lovely billie eilish piano
Billie Eilish songs on the piano: learn “Lovely” with La Touche Musicale

Conclusion about The 10 Best Billie Eilish Songs to Play on the Piano

The 10 Billie Eilish piano songs above make up our La Touche Musicale selection. But of course there are plenty more!

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pianist, you can learn to play all your favorite songs on the piano on the La Touche Musicale app.

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