Free Piano Beginner Book to Download in PDF

Thanks to this piano beginner book, you will be able to follow all the steps of piano learning and progress very quickly.
free piano ebook

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In this resource, you will discover:

  1. The main steps to learn the piano with efficiency

  2. How to learn the basics of piano playing

  3. How to read a score and where to download it for free

  4. The best methods, applications, techniques and tips

  5. Songs that are perfect for your skill level

How will this resource help me?

Go back to the basics from the very beginning

Explanations step by step: no blocking


Mix theory and practice

Discover new tricks and techniques


Suitable for beginners as well as advanced users

Discover the best tools for rapid progress

Discuss all topics related to piano learning

Suitable for all learning rhythms

What is in this resource?

Theory & practice

Learn how to decipher a score, make chords and scales, understand how piano pedals work, and much more.

(5 Chapters)

Tools & songs

Discover tools to download scores for free, to learn how to read them or to play all the songs you love on the piano.

(4 Chapters)

Tips & techniques

Discover how to motivate yourself and progress quickly, exercises to strengthen your fingering, techniques to help you play better.

(3 Chapters)

Any questions?

  • What will this piano beginner book bring me?

    This PDF book will allow you to progress step by step on the piano without ever getting lost and always staying motivated.

  • What piano themes does this book address?

    With this book, you will learn both the theoretical bases of the piano as well as practice. It also gives you the best digital tools to boost your progress as well as easy-to-use songs.

  • What are all the chapters in this piano book?

    In this piano beginner book (PDF), you can read:

    Chapter 1 – How to choose your digital piano or keyboard?

    Chapter 2 – Piano learning methods.

    Chapter 3 – The 15 best piano learning apps

    Chapter 4 – Piano basics: notes, octaves, scales and tones

    Chapter 5 – Basic piano chords

    Chapter 6 – Play your first piano melody: Happy Birthday

    Chapter 7 – 20 easy piano songs to play

    Chapter 8 – How to read piano sheet music?

    Chapter 9 – 15 websites to download easy piano sheet music for free

    Chapter 10 – Piano pedals: what are they for and what do they do?

    Chapter 11 – The 10 best piano practice techniques to progress

    Chapter 12 – The 7 best piano exercises for beginners

  • Can I read the chapters independently?

    The chapters of this free piano ebook follow one another but independently address new themes. You can therefore read only those that interest you.

  • How to download this free piano ebook for free?

    To download this piano beginner book in PDF for free, it’s very simple. You must enter your email address in the field provided and click on “Download for free”. An email will be sent to you right away. You will then be able to download your ebook immediately.

Download this resource for free

free piano ebook

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