PianoConvert gift cards

Give unlimited piano sheet music to your loved ones

PianoConvert converts any piano piece into PDF, MIDI and XML sheet music from a simple YouTube link or audio file with unrivalled accuracy.

An original and useful gift

We all know someone who loves the piano and spends their time looking for sheet music on the internet.

Give him the perfect gift.

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Pianist card

12 months – 7 transcriptions per month

€48 €38.40

Virtuoso card

12 months – 25 transcriptions per month

€72 €57.60

Maestro card

12 months – 100 transcriptions per month

€120 €96

A gift to download untraceable sheet music in unlimited

PianoConvert lets you transcribe any piano piece (from a YouTube video or audio file) into PDF, MIDI and MusicXML sheet music.

Copy the YouTube link

Copy the link of the YouTube video or get the audio file (.wav, .mp3, …) of your favorite piano song.

Paste the YouTube link

Paste the link or drop your file into PianoConvert.

Convert to sheet music

PianoConvert’s artificial intelligence will accurately transcribe your piano song into sheet music in just a few minutes.

Download your sheet music

Download the sheet music of your song in PDF, MIDI and XML formats and play it whenever you want. The score is complete with notes, treble and bass clef, tempo and measures.

The advantages of the Piano Convert gift card


Original and useful gift


100% French and innovative product


Transcribes sheet music that cannot be found

musical note

97% transcription accuracy


Sheet music transcribed in less than a minute


Very nice design – Perfect to offer

gift card

Available immediately and valid for life

price tag

3 card types to suit all budgets

How does it work?


1. Choose between 3 cards.

2. Place an order in 3 clicks.

3. You will instantly receive a confirmation email with your unique gift code.

4. Your gift card can be downloaded as a PDF and printed directly after purchase.

5. The instructions to activate the code in a few seconds are delivered to you in the email.

The gift that works every time

Perfect for Christmas

“I was starting to feel a bit uninspired after all those Christmases! PianoConvert is a super original gift to give when you have a family member who is passionate about music. It’s my brother who’s happy.”


Perfect for a birthday party

“I’ve had a passion for music ever since I was a little girl, and I spend all my time looking for sheet music on the Internet. So when my father gave me the PianoConvert card, I was very happy. This tool saves me an incredible amount of time when searching for sheet music.”


Perfect for a farewell party

“My colleagues knew that playing the piano was one of my weekend hobbies, so they gave me this card so that I could enjoy my retirement by playing songs whose scores are not usually available. So they gave me this card so I can enjoy my retirement by playing songs that you can’t usually find in sheet music.”


Perfect for Mother's Day / Father's Day

“I didn’t know PianoConvert when my daughter gave me the gift card for my birthday. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the transcription of each score. It’s a very useful gift!”


Any questions?

PianoConvert is a solution that lets you automatically transcribe any song into a piano score that you can download in PDF, MIDI and XML formats. The conversion is fast, accurate and inexpensive.

To use this technology, all you need to do is :

Copy the YouTube link or get the audio file (.wav, .mp3, …) of your piano song
Paste the YouTube link or import your audio file into PianoConvert
Start transcribing your song
Download your score in PDF, MIDI and XML formats.

It can handle a large number of songs. However, to ensure maximum transcription quality, care must be taken to provide a song composed solely of piano. Also, be sure to give them quality audio files to optimize the accuracy of the transcription.

Of course! It is both an original and very useful gift. It happens very often that scores are not available on the internet or are too expensive. PianoConvert solves these problems, making it possible to transcribe any piano piece into a high-quality score at low cost.

It’s very simple: choose the subscription package you’d like to offer (Pianist, Virtuoso or Maestro) and place your order. Once you’ve made your purchase, you’ll instantly receive an e-mail containing the gift card and its unique code, which you can activate at any time to trigger the subscription and transcript credits on your account. You can download and print the gift card.

Each of the 3 cards unlocks 12 months’ access to PianoConvert, which lets you transcribe piano pieces into high-quality scores (PDF, MIDI and MusicXML). The difference lies in the number of transcriptions you can make each month:

  • Pianist: you can transcribe 7 songs a month
  • Virtuoso: you can transcribe 25 songs a month
  • Maestro: you can transcribe 100 songs a month

Choose your card according to your loved one’s appetite for sheet music.

The gift card is delivered by email immediately after the purchase.

The gift card you purchase has no expiration date and is valid for life.

When purchasing a gift card, you indicate the e-mail address of your recipient and choose a delivery date. You can also write a personalized message. On the chosen day, we will send an email to your recipient explaining how to use their gift card.

Nothing could be easier. Start by signing up (or log in to your accountalready created). Once logged into your account, click on the “Activate my gift card” section at the bottom of the home page. Enter your gift code (received by email) in the field, validate and let the magic happen!

The error is human! We are here to help you. Please write to us at contact@latouchemusicale.com and specify in the email the name and email of the buyer as well as yours, the date of purchase and the amount of the payment. We will get back to you as soon as possible, I promise!

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