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Perfect – Piano Tutorial with Letter Notes

perfect piano notes letters

Would you like to learn how to play the notes of the famous song Perfect on the piano? Then follow this guide!

In this article, we’ll delve into the world of Ed Sheeran’s song Perfect, a melody that has captured hearts around the world since its release. With its moving lyrics and gentle melody, Perfect offers a captivating musical experience to those who listen to it and those who play it on the piano.

We’ll start by exploring the different notes and chords that make up this song. We’ll also look at nuances and rhythmic variations. Next, we’ll look at the left-hand accompaniment, which supports the main melody and adds richness to the whole. We’ll discuss chord positions and the fluid transitions between them to create a harmonious, haunting mood.

Finally, we’ll guide you in the art of coordinating both hands to play Perfect in its entirety, capturing all the essence and emotion of the song.

By the end of this tutorial, you’ll be ready to perform Perfect with confidence and sensitivity, offering you an unforgettable musical experience.

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Perfect on the piano: finding your way around the keyboard

Before we venture into learning Perfect’s notes on the piano, let’s take a moment to revisit the basics and familiarize yourself with the keyboard. Below you’ll find a diagram detailing the correspondence between each key on the keyboard and its associated note.

Please take the time to assimilate and study this diagram, as it will help you tackle the rest of this tutorial with ease and confidence.

piano keyboard notes

The name of the notes on a piano keyboard.

If you look closely at the diagram of the piano keyboard, you’ll notice a characteristic layout: the white keys are arranged in groups of two and three. This organization provides a handy visual cue to guide your fingers across the keyboard.

To make it easier to position your fingers on the keys, concentrate on the groups of two black keys. These groups can be used as reference points for locating key notes such as C and D. It’s a good idea to start by placing your thumb on the first key of the group, representing C, then position your index finger on the second key, symbolizing D. Using these notes as reference points, you’ll be able to navigate the keyboard with ease and find the other notes with confidence.

Take the time to practice regularly, focusing on familiarizing yourself with the keyboard and developing your ability to move quickly and confidently between the different notes.

Perfect : playing the notes with the right hand

Where to start?

Before we start interpreting Perfect with the right hand, let’s take a moment to familiarize ourselves with the different notes that make it up.

To begin our musical exploration, let’s find the starting point for this beloved song. Now place your right hand in the center of the keyboard and identify the notes that will mark the beginning of your musical journey. Start by playing the note E, taking care to use your fingertips.

Memorize this first note, as it will accompany you throughout the song!

perfect first notes piano right hand

E is the first note to be played with the right hand for the song Perfect on piano.

The notes of the right hand

Congratulations on identifying E! Now you’re ready to play all the notes of Perfect’s theme on the piano with your right hand.

Press the following notes in succession:

E – D – C – E – E – E – E – D – C – E – E – E – E – D – C – F – E – C – C – D – E – D – E – D – C – E – E – E – E – D – C – E – E – E – E – D – C – F – E – C – C – D – E – D – E – D – C – C – B – A – B – E – G – F – E – F – E – C – B – A – B – E – G – G – G – G – A – E – D – C – C – B – A – B – E – G – F – E – F – E – D – F – E – E – D – D – C – B – C.

This series of notes represents the entire melody of this theme, played with the right hand only. By following this sequence with your fingertips, you’ve probably immediately recognized the famous melody. Get ready to play it again!

perfect piano notes left hand

Perfect on the piano: the notes of the right hand.

Video tutorial

To help you familiarize yourself with the right hand on the keyboard, we’ve created a video tutorial to accompany you. This resource gives you a visual representation of rhythms and beats, making it easier for you to learn.

Take the time to settle down in a quiet place where you can concentrate without interruption. Now it’s your turn!

Video tutorial of the notes to play with the right hand for the song Perfect

Excellent work! You’ve reached that milestone! You’ve now mastered the notes of Perfect on the piano with your right hand.

Now let’s move on to playing the notes with your left hand!

Play the notes ofPerfect with the right hand on an interactive app

La Touche Musicale app waits for you to play the right note with your right hand on your piano before moving on to the next one.

Perfect playing the notes with the left hand

Where to start?

Let’s apply the same approach to the left hand as to the right. As a general rule, the left hand plays the accompaniment that enriches the melody.

To play the accompaniment, start with the notes C and G.

perfect first notes piano left hand

C and G are the first notes to be played with the left hand for the song Perfect on piano.

The notes of the left hand

Well done for identifying the first notes of the accompaniment! Now let’s move on to all the notes in the left hand of Perfect’s piano theme. Now play the whole of the following note sequence:

C + G – A + C – A + C – G + B – C + G – A + C – A + C – G + B – E + A – F + A – C + G – B + G – A + C – F + A – C + G – B + G – A + C – F + A – C + G – B + G – A + C – F + A – C + G – B + G – C + E + G.

Practice this sequence several times until you feel more confident and comfortable with her.

perfect piano notes left hand

Perfect on the piano: the notes of the left hand.

Video tutorial

If you found the video tutorial for the right hand useful, you’ll certainly appreciate the one for the left! Take a moment to watch our video carefully. It will guide you through the notes of the song for the left hand and allow you to practice at your own pace.

Video tutorial of the left hand notes for the song Perfect

Play the notes of Perfect with the left hand on an interactive app

The La Touche Musicale app waits for you to play the correct note with your left hand on your piano before moving on to the next.

Congratulations! You’ve now learned to play the notes of Perfect on the piano with both your left and right hands. But the most exciting stage is yet to come: playing both hands simultaneously!

That’s precisely what we’ll be tackling in this final section of the tutorial. We’ll guide you through integrating the movements of both hands to play the song in its entirety. Get ready to synchronize your playing and enjoy a spellbinding musical experience!

Perfect on the piano: play the song with both hands


Coordinating both hands may seem difficult at first, even intimidating, but by working on a melody like this one, you can gradually develop this coordination.

By practicing regularly and becoming familiar with each hand separately before combining them, you’ll see significant improvement. Be patient with yourself and remember that every little bit of progress is a victory in your piano learning. Interactive tools like La Touche Musicale can accompany and support you on this journey.

Play each section slowly, ensuring that the movements of both hands remain synchronized. Keep your hands and shoulders relaxed as you play for greater fluidity.

By following these tips and practicing regularly, you’ll gradually develop fluid coordination between your hands at the piano.

perfect piano notes both hands

Perfect on the piano: the notes of both hands.

Video tutorial

In this latest video tutorial, you’ll learn how to play Perfect’s notes with both hands. Follow the instructions carefully: press the keys on your keyboard as shown in the video, maintaining the same duration for each note.

If the rhythm seems too fast, feel free to slow down or pause the video. Take advantage of this moment to adjust your positioning on the keyboard so that you can play the notes precisely. Don’t forget to relax and enjoy the experience.

Could the absence of video intervention make your learning more effective? Certainly! With our interactive application, La Touche Musicale, you don’t even need to pause the video. The application will wait patiently for you to play the right note before continuing. This is an undeniable advantage for making rapid progress in your musical learning.

Video tutorial to play the notes of both hands of the song Perfect on the piano.

Play the notes of Perfect with both hands on an interactive app

The La Touche Musicale app waits for you to play the right notes with both hands on your piano before moving on to the next.

What an achievement! You’ve completely mastered Perfect’s piano notes. You must feel a great sense of satisfaction!

To keep up the positive momentum, we’ve found three really captivating tutorials that we think you’ll enjoy:


Download the free piano sheet music of the song Perfect in PDF

Now you’re ready to make the keys of your keyboard resonate with the notes of Perfect!

Like an enchanting tune, this melody will come to life under your fingers with great intensity. So that you can play it whenever you like, we’re sharing Perfect’s sheet music with you.

And to keep the rhythm going, don’t forget to explore the features of our La Touche Musicale application. It will accompany you as you learn to play the piano, for even more exciting musical sessions!

See you soon for new musical adventures!

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