The story of a musical start-up and its founders

The story of a musical start-up

In 2017, three young web specialists and self-taught pianists, each having learned music with a different method, decided to combine their skills to found an entrepreneurial project with high educational stakes. Their vision: to democratize piano learning and ensure that everyone has access to it. Based on the problems they encountered during their respective apprenticeships, they developed an online application that allows everyone to learn the piano very simply.

Presentation of the team


He has successfully converted to web development. He developed the online application La Touche Musicale and doubled his inventiveness to equip it with the most efficient technologies!

Self-taught, he learned musical theory through a counting method that he himself set up. It is this powerful method that he wishes to share with all users of La Touche Musicale.


After a first career in human sciences, he turned to web marketing. He builds the brand image of La Touche Musicale, develops partnerships with the actors of the musical world and promotes the growth of the La Touche Musicale community.

Self-taught too, he doesn’t know musical theory and learned his favorite piano pieces by mimicking pianists’ tutorials on Youtube.


After a career in IT security and network, he became IT project manager at Orange Group. With this organizational experience and his IT skills, he manages the progress of the La Touche Musicale project, ensures that all functionalities are well developed and takes care of the site’s IT infrastructure.

He is also self-taught and has learned the piano through music learning software. When he learned this way, he realized that this type of software had major flaws. It is these gaps that he wishes to fill through the development of La Touche Musicale.


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You too want to be part of the history of the music start-up? Would you like to do an internship with us? We are mainly looking for interns in web development, design and integration, communication, marketing, community management and web writing.

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