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The 10 Best Mozart Pieces to Play on the Piano

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If you’re passionate about the piano and want to explore the works of one of the greatest composers of all time, you’ve come to the right place. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart left behind a wealth of magnificent compositions that continue to fascinate musicians and listeners the world over.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, born in Salzburg in 1756, is one of the greatest composers in the history of music. A child prodigy, he began composing at the age of five and went on to create over 600 works in his lifetime. His compositions, covering a variety of musical genres, continue to captivate listeners the world over.

In this article, we present the 10 best Mozart pieces to play on the piano, a selection that reflects the richness and beauty of his musical genius.

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Lacrimosa (Requiem)

Composed in 1791, “Lacrimosa” is part of Mozart’s famous “Requiem”.

This emotional piece deals with suffering and the Last Judgment. It is characterized by its profound sadness and poignant harmonies. Mozart was unable to complete this composition before his death, and it was written by his pupil Franz Xaver Süssmayr.

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lacrimosa mozart piano
Mozart piano music: learn Lacrimosa with La Touche Musicale
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

“Einen kleine Nachtmusik”, composed in 1787, is probably one of Mozart’s best-known works.

Translated as “A little night music,” this joyous, light-hearted piece is often associated with elegant, festive evenings. With its dynamic, elegant movements, it has become a symbol of Viennese classical music.

It’s easy to play on the piano, so get started!

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik mozart piano
Mozart songs on the piano: learn Eine Kleine Nachtmusik with La Touche Musicale
kyrie eleison

Kyrie Eleison

The “Kyrie Eleison” is part of the “Missa brevis in D minor,” composed by Mozart in 1774.

This liturgical prayer, whose title means “Lord, have mercy,” is marked by a solemn atmosphere and a complex musical structure. The “Kyrie” is distinguished by its powerful harmonies and pleading appeals, typical of Mozart’s religious works.

This piece is relatively easy to play on the piano, even for beginners!

kyrie eleison mozart piano
Mozart piano compositions: learn Kyrie Eleison with La Touche Musicale
rondo alla turca

Rondo alla Turca (Turkish March)

The “Rondo alla Turca,” or “Turkish March,” is the last movement of the Piano Sonata No. 11 in A major, K. 331, composed in 1783.

This lively, energetic piece imitates Turkish military music, very much in vogue in Europe at the time. Its fast, upbeat melody, combined with percussive rhythms, makes it a favorite among pianists.

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rondo alla turca mozart piano
Apprenez Rondo alla Turca au piano avec La Touche Musicale
K. 488 Piano Concerto #23 in A 2nd mov. Adagio

K.488 Piano Concerto #23 in A 2nd mov. Adagio

The second movement, “Adagio,” from the Piano Concerto No. 23 in A major, K. 488, composed in 1786, is a deeply emotional piece.

This slow, expressive movement contrasts with the more playful character of the concerto’s other movements. It is often cited as a prime example of Mozart’s emotional depth.

K. 488 Piano Concerto #23 in A 2nd mov. Adagio mozart piano
Mozart piano concerto: learn K.488 Piano Concerto #23 in A 2nd mov. Adagio with Musical Touch
queen of the night aria

Queen of the Night Aria

The Queen of the Night’s famous aria “Der Hölle Rache”, from the opera “The Magic Flute”, composed in 1791, is one of the most technically demanding pieces in the operatic repertoire.

This dramatic aria is distinguished by its high notes and rapid passages, requiring great vocal virtuosity. It expresses the anger and determination of the Queen of the Night, adding an intense dimension to Mozart’s opera.

queen of the night aria mozart piano
Mozart's opera on the piano: learn Queen of the Night Aria with La Touche Musicale
ave verum corpus

Ave Verum Corpus

Composed in 1791, “Ave Verum Corpus” is a short but magnificent sacred work.

This motet, written for Corpus Christi, is appreciated for its serenity and simplicity. The soothing harmonies and gentle melody make this piece a moment of peace and spiritual reflection.

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ave verum corpus mozart piano
Learn to play Ave Verum Corpus on the piano with La Touche Musicale
ah vous dirai-je maman

Ah vous dirai-je maman

“Ah! vous dirai-je, maman,” composed in 1782, is a series of twelve variations on a well-known French melody, which we know today as “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.”

Each variation explores different piano techniques and expressions, demonstrating Mozart’s ingenuity and creativity.

This piece is often one of the first pieces studied by pianists because of its familiar melody and simple technical progression.

ah vous dirai-je maman mozart piano
Mozart's piano music: learn Ah vous dirai-je maman with La Touche Musicale

Conclusion about The 10 Best Mozart Pieces to Play on the Piano

The 10 Mozart piano pieces presented above make up our La Touche Musicale selection. But of course there are plenty more!

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