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Greensleeves – Piano Tutorial with Letter Notes

greensleeves piano

Want to learn how to play the notes of Greensleeves on the piano? It’s a good thing, we have a tutorial for that!

Greensleeves is a popular song of English origin whose first official publication dates back to 1580, but it is not known by whom it was written and composed.

The legend says that it would be the king Henri VIII himself who, taken of love for Anne Boleyn, composed this song for her.

Today, it is one of the most popular songs in the world and listeners in all countries can easily recognize it when they hear it. It has been used extensively in many film productions, contributing to its international fame.

It is also a relatively easy song to play on the piano, which makes it very popular with beginning pianists.

In this article, we propose you to learn how to play Greensleeves on the piano. Through a tutorial showing you the notes to play with the right hand, those to play with the left hand and tutorial videos, the objective is that you finish this article knowing how to play it.

You will also find the free piano score of Greensleeves at the end of the article.

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Greensleeves on the piano: finding your way around the keyboard

Before going into the heart of the matter and playing Greensleeves, we need to go back to the basics by locating the notes on a piano keyboard so that we can play them easily.

Each key on the piano is associated with a note, as shown in the following image:

piano keyboard notes

The name of the notes on a piano keyboard.

If you look at the picture above, you can see that the keyboard is divided into several parts, each comprising 7 white keys associated with 7 different notes: A, B, C, D, E, F and G. Once you reach the 8th note, a new part starts and repeats this succession of notes identically. The part consisting of 7 white keys is called “octave”.

To identify the different notes on the piano keyboard more easily, you can use the black keys. If the white keys follow each other in an almost identical way, it is not the case for the black keys. They work in groups of two and three. These groups help you find your way around the piano and identify the different notes.

For example, if we want to play the A, we will look at one of the groups of 3 black keys. We know that the A is between the 2nd and 3rd black keys in that group.

Before playing Greensleeves, practice locating each of the notes on the piano keyboard with the help of this technique. Once you know how to identify them, you’ll be able to learn the songs you like much faster.

Greensleeves : playing the notes with the right hand

Where to start?

Before playing all the notes with the right hand, we will first help ourselves with what we have discussed before in order to be able to identify the first note to play on the piano.

The first note of Greensleeves in the right hand is the A :

greensleeves piano a first note right hand

A is the first note of the right hand in the song Greensleeves on piano.

The notes of the right hand

Once you have found the A, simply press the following notes one after the other [Note: when the notes must be played at the same time, we have separated them with a “+” symbol] :

A – C – D – E – F – E – D – B – G – A – B – C – A – A – G# – A – B – G# – E – A – A+C – D – C+E – F – E+G – D – B – G – G – A – B – A+C – B – A – G# – F# – G# – A – G – G – F# – E – D – B – G – A – B – C – A – A – G# – A – B – G# – E – C+G – E+G – F# – E – D – B – G – A – B – A+C – B – A – E+G# – F# – G# – A.

By playing all these notes one after the other, you will get the whole right hand of Greensleeves on the piano, that is to say the whole melody of the song. You will recognize it very quickly, you will see.

greensleeves piano notes right hand

Greensleeves on the piano: the notes of the right hand.

Video tutorial

To help you respect the time of each note and the tempo of the song, we suggest you watch the tutorial video below: [Note: you must remain pressed on the key while the note is on it on the virtual piano] :

Video tutorial of the notes to play with the right hand for the song Greensleeves

Play the notes ofGreensleeves with the right hand on an interactive app

La Touche Musicale app waits for you to play the right note with your right hand on your piano before moving on to the next one.

Greensleeves playing the notes with the left hand

Where to start?

Here we will proceed in the same way as for the right hand. We will start by identifying the first note to be played by the left hand, which is also the note F:

greensleeves piano a first note left hand

A is the first note of the left hand in the song Greensleeves.

The notes of the left hand

Once you have identified the first note A, you need to play the whole series of notes of the song Greensleeves with your left hand. To do this, press this sequence of notes one after the other:

A – C – E – A – C – E – G – B – D – G – B – D – F – A – C – F – A – C – E – G# – B – E – G# – B – A – C – E – C – E – G – B – D – G – B – D – F – A – C – E – G# – B – A – C – E – A – C – E – G – C – E – G – G – B – D – G – B – D – F – A – C – F – A – C – E – G# – B – E – G# – B – C – E – G – C – B – A – G – B – D – G – B – D – F – A – C – E – G# – B – A – C – E – A.

If you play all these notes in a row, you get the left hand of Greensleeves, which should be played to accompany the right hand (the melody of the song) and give depth to your playing.

We recommend that you repeat this sequence of notes over and over so that you can play it with ease.

greensleeves piano notes left hand

Greensleeves on the piano: the notes of the left hand.

Video tutorial

Watch this tutorial video showing Greensleeves left hand notes to help you learn faster:

Video tutorial of the left hand notes for the song Greensleeves

Play the notes of Greensleeves with the left hand on an interactive app

The La Touche Musicale app waits for you to play the correct note with your left hand on your piano before moving on to the next.

At this point in the totoriel, you should be able to play the right and left hands of Greensleeves on the piano. Congratulations! But it’s not over yet, far from it…

We now need to learn how to play both hands at the same time to be able to give the song a real feel!

Greensleeves on the piano: play the song with both hands


Difficulty : the dissociation of the two hands

Dissociating the hands is a very difficult exercise when you start playing the piano.

The brain is not accustomed to performing gestures as precise as piano fingering simultaneously.

That’s why most beginners have a lot of difficulty with this exercise and get discouraged relatively quickly.

But don’t panic, because there are a few techniques and tricks that will allow you to acquire this skill more quickly

Methods, tips and techniques

When you start playing the piano and find it difficult to separate your hands when you play them at the same time, we advise you to follow these techniques and tips.

Start by learning the notes of the song with your right hand. Once you know how to play them in the right order and with ease, work on the left hand.

This will allow your brain to gradually assimilate the information. This way, you will learn the notes much faster.

This is what we have chosen to do in this tutorial article dedicated to learning Greensleeves on the piano.

Once you have succeeded in playing both hands separately, you must now move on to synchronization.

To do this, we strongly suggest that you cut the song into very short passages, preferably between 5 and 10 seconds. The shorter the parts you work on, the faster you will learn them. Once you have chosen your sequence, you should work on it in a loop. Take it easy at first, then increase the pace as you get comfortable with the passage. Once you have mastered the song passage, move on to the next one and repeat the same technique. When both passages are mastered, play them back to back.

This technique is very effective. It allows you to learn very quickly and without getting discouraged.

Note: At La Touche Musicale, we name this technique the “learning loop”. Noticing its effectiveness on piano learning, we decided to integrate a feature into our online piano learning app that allows you to loop any part of the song and learn it very quickly.

greensleeves piano notes both hands

Greensleeves on the piano: the notes of both hands.

Video tutorial

This tutorial video is the most important of all because it shows you all the notes to play with both hands to reproduce Greensleeves on the piano.

Pay attention to the beats of each of the notes on the screen as well as the tempo of the song.

To help you follow the tutorial, you can also pause the video to give you time to place your fingers on the right keys of your piano.

Note: on La Touche Musicale app, you don’t need to pause the song. The application waits for you until you play the right note.

Video tutorial to play the notes of both hands of the song Greensleeves on the piano.

Play the notes of Greensleeves with both hands on an interactive app

The La Touche Musicale app waits for you to play the right notes with both hands on your piano before moving on to the next.

Download the free piano sheet music of the song Greensleeves in PDF

There are many websites that offer the piano score of the song Greensleeves. Be careful not to pay for it because it is a public domain song and it is no longer copyrighted.

In addition to making you learn Greensleeves on the piano via this tutorial, we thought it would be nice to offer you to download the score for free so that you can practice.

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