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Clocks: Interactive Piano Chords

Learn to play the piano chords of Clocks on La Touche Musicale app.
clocks piano chords

Play the chords of Clocks on the piano.

In this article, you will learn how to play the chords of Clocks easily on the piano. You can also learn to play all the notes of the song with the La Touche Musicale interactive app.

Overview of piano chords

Play the chords below one after the other to get an overview of the song Clocks played as a piano accompaniment.


Eb piano chords clocks


Bbm piano chords clocks


Fm piano chords clocks


Ab piano chords clocks

Play all the chords

Play all these chords in a row to reproduce the entire Clocks piece on the piano.
E E♭ B♭ₘ Fₘ E♭ B♭ₘ Fₘ E♭ B♭ₘ Fₘ E♭ B♭ₘ Fₘ E♭ B♭ₘ Fₘ E♭ B♭ₘ Fₘ E♭ B♭ₘ Fₘ E♭ B♭ₘ Fₘ E♭ B♭ₘ Fₘ E♭ B♭ₘ Fₘ E♭ B♭ₘ A♭ E♭ B♭ₘ A♭ E♭ B♭ₘ Fₘ E♭ B♭ₘ Fₘ E♭ B♭ B♭ₘ Fₘ E♭ B♭ₘ Fₘ E♭ B♭ₘ Fₘ E♭ B♭ₘ Fₘ E♭ B♭ₘ Fₘ E♭ B♭ₘ Fₘ G♭ D♭ A♭ G♭ D♭ A♭ G♭ D♭ A♭ G♭ E♭ E♭ₘ B♭ₘ A♭ E♭ B♭ₘ A♭ₘ E♭ B♭ₘ A♭ E♭ B♭ₘ A♭ E♭ B♭ₘ A♭ E♭ B♭ₘ A♭ E♭ B♭ₘ A♭ E♭ B♭ₘ A♭ E♭ B♭ₘ Fₘ E♭ B♭ₘ Fₘ

Learn to play easily Clocks on the piano.

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Clocks : the lyrics of the song

Once you have successfully played the chords to this song, practice singing the lyrics over your piano playing.

The lights go out and I can’t be savedTides that I tried to swim againstHave brought me down upon my kneesOh, I beg, I beg and plead, singing
Come out of things unsaidShoot an apple off my head, and aTrouble that can’t be namedA tiger’s waiting to be tamed, singing
You areYou are
Confusion never stopsClosing walls and ticking clocks, gonnaCome back and take you homeI could not stop that you now know, singing
Come out upon my seasCursed missed opportunitiesAm I a part of the cure?Or am I part of the disease? Singing
You areYou areYou areYou are
You areYou are
And nothing else comparesOh, nothing else compares
And nothing else compares
You areYou are
Home, home, where I wanted to goHome, home, where I wanted to goHome (you), home, where I wanted to go (are)Home (you), home, where I wanted to go (are)

Clocks : presentation

“Clocks” is a song by Coldplay released in 2003 on their second studio album entitled “A Rush of Blood to the Head”. The track was written by all the band members and produced by Ken Nelson.The song is known for its catchy piano riff and enigmatic lyrics. The piano melody is both dynamic and hypnotic, creating a haunting mood that sets the tone for the song. The lyrics are also a highlight of the composition, as they are open to the listener’s interpretation and offer evocative imagery.The song was a huge commercial success and won several awards, including the Grammy Award for Recording of the Year in 2004. The music has become one of Coldplay’s most iconic and is often considered one of the best piano rock recordings of all time.The sound of “Clocks” is unique, combining elements of rock, pop and electronic music to create a sound that is both innovative and melodic. The song’s lyrics are cryptic, but they are filled with emotion and imagination, providing a captivating listening experience.
clocks piano chords presentation

Any questions?

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Clocks on the piano.

To play the chords of this song, simply read the main chords in the illustrated “Chord overview” section, then play all the chords in succession in the next section. You can use the video of the song to play in rhythm on your piano.

The main chords you need to play on the piano for this song are the following: Intro: Am7 – C – F – C (x2) / Verse: Am7 – C – F – C (x2) / Chorus: F – Am7 – F – G
You must play this song with a tempo of 132 BPM.

To learn how to play the whole piece, you can go toLa Touche Musicale learning app, which will allow you to play the notes and chords at your own pace on over 3,000 songs.

To play the notes and chords of other songs of the same style on the piano, you can visit the section of our blog dedicated to piano chords of popular songs or go to the La Touche Musicale appwhich will allow you to learn to play more than 3,000 songs in an efficient and interactive way.

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clocks piano chords
clocks piano chords
clocks piano chords
clocks piano chords

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