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Free piano metronome tool

The piano metronome function allows you to play the notes at the right tempo and rhythm for optimal learning.

piano metronome demo
piano metronome demo

Learn to play in rhythm with the piano metronome

The metronome is useful for learning to play the piano in rhythm. Set the BPM or speed and the tool will adapt automatically. You will never have tempo problems again.

piano metronome demo

The advantages of the metronome

rythme apprentissage piano

The metronome allows you to keep the rhythm while playing the piano.

piano metronome speed

It automatically adapts to the tempo (BPM) you choose.

metronome learning modes piano

It automatically adapts to the interactive learning modes you use.

metronome combine features

The metronome is combined with all other learning features.

How does it work?

free piano songs
step 1


Choose your song from the 2000 songs in the catalog.

connect piano metronome
step 2


Connect your piano via the MIDI-USB cable.

activate piano metronome
step 3


Turn on the metronome function.

learn song piano metronome
step 4


Play the notes at the right tempo for optimal piano learning.

Any questions?

What is a piano metronome?

A metronome is an object, originally mechanical and more and more electronic, which allows to give rhythm to the musician via a system of balance. A sound is emitted at each beat so that the pianist can adjust his playing and find the right tempo.

How does this metronome work?

This metronome works in the same way as a physical metronome. You simply choose the tempo (BPM) at which you want to play the song or exercise and, once activated, it will emit a sound that will adapt to the chosen BPM. By indicating each beat of the bar with a beat, the metronome will be a great help to improve your piano rhythm.

Will this feature be useful for me to learn piano?

Of course! Thanks to the metronome, you will be able to learn all the songs you like or piano exercises with the right rhythm and tempo.

What do I need to use it?

To use this metronome, you just need to :

– create a free account on the La Touche Musicale application

– connect your piano or keyboard via MIDI-USB to your device (computer, tablet or smartphone)

– activate the metronome

Improve your piano rhythm

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