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7200 MIDI piano chord files to download

With this resource, you can download 7200 free MIDI files of piano chords to practice whenever you want.

midi files piano chords

In this resource, you will discover:

check piano   7200 MIDI piano chord files

check piano   Chords of all types

check piano    Chords for all skill levels

How will this resource help me?

répertoire partitions piano

You will have a vast learning repertoire

fichiers midi

You can use these MIDI files in any MIDI software

genres musicaux partitions piano

You can play all types of chords

difficulté partitions piano

The agreements are suitable for all levels

What is in this resource?

MIDI chords of all notes

From the C chord to the B chord, through flats and sharps, you will learn all possible chords.

midi piano chords notes
minor chords major chords

Major and minor agreements

For each type of chord, you will be able to play the major and minor versions for optimal learning.

minor chords major chords

Classical chords and chord progressions

The proposed chords are not limited to the so-called “classical” chords. They are also made up of chord progressions that will help you work on your fingering and your playing fluidity.

chord progressions

Any questions?

How many MIDI files does this resource contain?

This resource contains 7200 MIDI piano chord files of all types and for all levels.

How do I get the MIDI chords?

Once you have entered your name and email address, an email will be sent to you containing the link to download them.

Will I be able to use the MIDI files anywhere?

The MIDI file is a universal format. Those you download in this resource are usable with all types of MIDI software. We advise you to import them into your La Touche Musicale account to learn them very easily on the piano.

How to download these free piano chords?

Simply enter your first name and email in the dedicated space, then click on “Download for free”. You will then have instant access to the resource. An email will also be sent to you.

Learn all your favorite piano chords

midi files piano chords

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