Add your own songs to your account with MIDI upload

import chansons midi compte piano

An Innovative and unique feature

La Touche Musicale is the first and only online software to offer the function of uploading your songs and exercises in MIDI format to learn them on piano.

upload midi songs

The advantages of MIDI upload

personnaliser apprentissage piano midi

Customize 100% of your learning directory.

musiques infinies apprendre piano

You are no longer limited in the content available to you.

fichiers midi internet piano

MIDI files can be found everywhere on the internet.

importation midi chansons piano facile

The upload is very simple and is done in 3 clicks.

How does it work?

télécharger fichier midi
step 1


Download the songs of your choice in MIDI format for free anywhere on the internet.

importer fichier midi
step 2


Upload unlimited songs to your account and store them with no time limit.

midi interface piano
step 3


The online software will instantly convert your MIDI file into a visual interface to learn it easily on piano.

apprendre fichier midi piano
step 4


Connect your piano to your device and learn your song in MIDI format very easily.

Customize your learning directory

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