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Take it to the next level with the learning loop

boucle apprentissage
boucle apprentissage

Stuck on a part of a song? Not anymore.

Thanks to the learning loop, you will no longer spend hours stuck in front of a difficult passage of a song. Choose the sequence and La Touche Musicale will make you repeat it in a loop. You will learn much faster.

boucle apprentissage

The benefits of the learning loop

personnalisation boucle piano

You choose very precisely the passage which causes you problems.

boucle apprentissage piano

The passage is played automatically in a loop. No need to go back after each try.

apprendre piano rapidement

You will master the passage you are struggling with much faster.

boucle piano fonctionnalités

The loop combines with all other features for optimal personalized learning.

How does it work?

chanson apprendre piano
step 1


Choose your song from the 2000 songs in the catalog.

connecter piano
step 2


Connect your piano via the MIDI-USB cable.

boucle apprentissage piano activer
step 3


Choose precisely the passage you have a problem with.

apprendre fichier midi
step 4


Play the notes in a loop until you master the sequence.

Take it to the next level

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