Learn the universe of Miyazaki on the piano

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With La Touche Musicale, it is possible to learn the Miyazaki universe on the piano 


Hayao Miyazaki is the producer and designer of Japanese animated films

of Studios Ghibli of which he is the co-founder. Often compared in the West to

Disney Studios, his films have gained international fame with “The Princess

Mononoke “. These films often show strong, independent heroines while

addressing central themes such as ecology and technology.

Most of the music for Miyazaki’s films was composed by the composer

and pianist Joe Hisaishi 



Learn the world of Miyazaki on the piano on La Touche Musicale

Learn the piano easily.

Learn the piano easily.


Movie | Miyazaki universe



Howl’s Moving Castle – Howl’s Moving Castle


Castle in the Sky – Castle in the Sky 


Spirited Away


My Neighbor Totoro – Path of the Wind


The Castle in the Sky – Laputa


Howl's Moving Castle / Howl's Moving Castl
e / Howl's Moving Castle / Studios Ghibli of
the Wind / Mon Voisin Totoro / Studio
Ghibli The Castle in the Sky – Laputa
/ The Castle in the Sky / Studio Ghibli

Learn the piano easily.

Learn the piano easily.

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