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Learning to play piano has never been easier and more fun


No more scores

No more need to read a partition. At a glance on your screen, you immediately recognize the notes to be played on your piano.


Interact instantly

Connect your piano or synthesizer to the USB port on your device and play instantly.

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Practice now

No more long hours of theory, go straight to practice and learn in record time.

Learn piano online with the songs you love

A catalogue of 1000 current and regularly updated musics for all tastes and all levels.

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Everything you need to learn piano


Connecting the piano

Connect your piano to interact with the platform and learn at your own pace.


Learning mode

La Touche Musicale waits for you until you play the right keys.



Slower and faster workouts for every song.


Loop function

Choose a passage from the song and repeat it over and over again.


Playing one hand at a time

Play by working left and right hands separately.


Personalized follow-up

Identify your errors and follow your progress very closely.

Frequently Asked Questions

La Touche Musicale, what is it?

La Touche Musicale is an online platform designed to make you learn the piano simply on any computer connected to the internet.

Learn all the music you want, when you want, without advertising and at a very attractive monthly fee.

What do I need?

To learn the piano on La Touche Musicale, you need :

1) An electronic piano connectable to your computer

2) A MIDI-USB cable that allows you to connect your piano to your computer’s USB port.

3) A computer with a USB port

I've never played the piano. Can I use the service?

Of course! La Touche Musicale is designed for beginners. The playful and extremely simplified learning system will allow you to practice right away and learn very quickly.

How does it work?

Create your account, choose your music, connect your piano to your device and learn very quickly.

What can I play on La Touche Musicale?

La Touche Musicale offers a vast catalogue of more than 1000 pieces of music, of all genres and all levels of difficulty.

You can also add unlimitedly your own music in your account to learn them. In other words, you can learn all the music you like.

What are the learning features?

On La Touche Musicale, everything is designed to provide you with an enjoyable and effective learning experience.

When you learn music on La Touche Musicale, you can :

– Connect your piano to your device to interact with the platform and learn at your own pace.

– Access 4 learning modes to gradually evolve towards total mastery of the piece.

– Work independently with your right or left hand to improve your coordination.

– Select a specific part of the piece to play it in a loop and learn it very quickly.

– Adjust the speed of the notes to learn at your own pace.

– Access your playing results in real time to spot mistakes and make progress.

How long does it take me to learn music?

To learn the piano with La Touche Musicale is to learn very quickly. Our method is designed to accelerate your musical learning.

By playing assiduously, you can master your first piece in just a few days.

Learn piano online with a team of 4 passionate musicians



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Used by thousands of pianists and piano teachers

The handling of the site is very simple, and about ten minutes after discovering the site, I played my first song.

Louis de Granrut – Beginner Pianist

It's a great idea. As a piano teacher, I am convinced that this playful practice has a bright future ahead of it. The gamification of learning the piano is a real success.

Bruno Mansencal – Piano teacher

I really enjoyed the interaction between computer and piano and the fact that I had a large enough library to practice on the music of my choice, whatever the level.

Fanny Montaubon – Experienced pianist

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