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Labeled Piano Notes – Display the name of the notes

Label the name of each piano note for easy learning.

labeled piano notes feature
labeled piano notes feature

Labeled Piano Notes: learn easily the name of the notes

Label all the piano notes that come down on the screen. For each song, you will know all the notes that compose it and you will be able to play them very easily on your piano keyboard.

labeled piano notes feature

The benefits of piano note labeling

identify piano notes

Identify each note very easily (C, F#, G♭, …).

learn name each note labeled

Quickly learn the names of each note for each song you play.

visual cues piano

Labeling the notes gives you more powerful visual cues on your keyboard.

basics piano notes

Learn the basics of piano playing (chords, notes and scales) more easily.

How does it work?

choose piano song software
step 1


Choose your song from the 2,500 songs in the catalog.

midi keyboard connection software
step 2


Connect your keyboard to the software via the MIDI-USB cable.

piano notes labelling activation
step 3


Activate the labelling of piano notes.

play piano with labeled notes
step 4


Play by seeing the name of each note for the song you are playing on the piano.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is piano note labeling?

Note labeling is a technique that allows you to display the name or symbol of each note or key on the piano keyboard in a very visual way.

This technique is also sometimes used with stickers that learners put directly on the keys of their piano keyboard. Each time they press a key, they are reminded of the name of the note they are playing (for example, a C, an E or a G#). It also helps them remember the most popular chords. For example, you can learn from playing them that the C, E and G is a very popular chord in pop music since it comes up constantly in the songs I play.

What is the purpose of labeled notes?

Labeled piano notes make it easier to recognize each note on the piano keyboard or on a screen or score. Thanks to this system, you can memorize information much faster because it is a visual aid.

How can I use this system?

To use note labeling, simply sign up on the La Touche Musicale app, choose a piano song and activate this feature. The name of each note (C, D, E, F, G, A and B) will then be displayed. You will also have the name for each sharp note (C#, D#, E#, …). The octaves will also be indicated so that you can have even more visual reference on the keyboard or on your piano.

Is this feature free?

Yes, piano note labeling is totally free. When you create an account on La Touche Musicale, you will have access to more than 250 free songs that you can learn wherever and whenever you want. All you have to do is activate this feature for each song you want to play to take full advantage of it.

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