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Popular Piano Chords PDF Guide

With this free PDF guide, you’ll get the best explanations, tips and exercises for playing the most popular piano chords to perfection.

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In this resource, you will discover:

check piano    The most famous piano chords

check piano    The major piano chords

check piano    The minor piano chords

check piano    How to play any chord easily

How will this PDF guide to piano chords help me?

accords piano populaires

You will know the popular piano chords.

jouer accords piano faciles

You will be able to play the main chords easily.

guide pratique pdf

The PDF guide focuses on practice and gets right to the heart of the matter.

astuces composer accords piano

You will be able to create your own chords and compositions with our tips.

What is in this resource?

Clear and concise explanations

No long speeches. We focus here on the essentials so that you can assimilate all the information and examples easily.

explications guide accords de piano pdf
guide accords piano populaires

An exhaustive list of the main agreements

The main chords are explained note by note for a quick, complete and optimal understanding.

guide accords piano populaires

A new trick to compose your own chords

Discover a new method that allows you to compose any chord in less than 5 seconds.

méthode accords piano

Any questions?

What will I use this guide for?

This guide will allow you to know and know how to play the main chords on the piano. It will also allow you to discover a new method to know how to play any major chord without resorting to music theory or solfege.

Is this guide for beginners?

Absolutely. If you have never practiced piano or music theory, this guide is for you. It covers all the basics from the beginning, in a way that is understandable to the greatest number of people.

Will I really progress with these piano chords in PDF?

Of course! This guide has been designed to get you right to the heart of the matter and to approach piano chords from a 100% practical angle. You will learn how to play all the chords with the notes that compose them.

Can I print this guide?

Of course you can! Once downloaded in PDF format, you can print it directly from your device to obtain a paper version.

How to download this guide?

Simply enter your first name and email in the dedicated space, then click on “Download for free”. You will then have instant access to the guide in PDF format. An email will also be sent to you.

Become an expert in piano chords

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