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Guide to choosing your piano

With this free guide, you’ll get the best information and advice on buying the right piano for you.

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In this resource, you will discover:

check piano   Our explanations on the different types of pianos

check piano   Our advice on their use

check piano   Our advice according to your questions and needs

check piano   Our selection of the best pianos

How will this guide to buying my piano help me?

pianos types

You will discover the different types of existing pianos.

avantages inconvénients pianos

You will know the advantages and disadvantages of each piano.

top modèles pianos

You will discover our selection of the best piano models.

conseils meilleurs pianos

Our advice is personalized according to your questions and needs.

What does this guide contain?

Complete explanations

You will find everything you need to know about the different types of pianos available.

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liste meilleurs pianos

A list of the best pianos on the market

We have tested a number of pianos. Discover the ones that impressed us the most for their simplicity and efficiency.

liste meilleurs pianos

Advice tailored to your situation

Choose according to your budget, your location, your piano level, and many other criteria.

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Any questions?

What will I use this guide for?

This guide will give you an in-depth look at the landscape of digital and acoustic pianos. You will benefit from our advice and our selection of the best models to guide you in your search. You will then be able to make your choice with full knowledge of the facts.

Will this guide really help me make my choice?

Of course! This guide is designed to provide a fairly comprehensive overview of pianos and keyboards. You will discover the advantages and disadvantages of each type of piano according to your situation, the technical characteristics of our favorite models, and much more.

Can I print this guide?

Of course you can! Once downloaded in PDF format, you can print it directly from your device to obtain a paper version.

How to download this guide?

Simply enter your first name and email in the dedicated space, then click on “Download for free”. You will then have instant access to the guide in PDF format. An email will also be sent to you.

Choose your piano with our advice

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