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Follow your mistakes and successes on the piano in real time

suivi erreurs piano
suivi erreurs piano

Having trouble identifying your mistakes? Not anymore.

With the personalized tracking, you’ll know exactly where you go wrong in the song or exercise. This will help you improve much faster.

Follow in real time the results of your piano playing

Activate the personalized follow-up to know if the notes you play are correct or wrong. It can be a mistake of notes or rhythm. Let the application guide you and progress quickly.

suivi erreurs piano

Access the history of your last result at any time

The results of your last play session on the song or exercise are available on your dashboard at any time. Find your weak points and eliminate them.


The advantages of personalized follow-up

erreurs succès suivi piano

You are able to tell if the notes you just played are right or wrong (wrong note(s) or wrong timing).

vue ensemble jeu piano

Every note is recorded. You get an overview of your overall playing performance and progress faster.

score points piano

The system of points won or lost is very simple to understand, effective and fun. 

boucle piano fonctionnalités

Personalized tracking combines with all other features for optimal learning.

How does it work?

chanson apprendre piano
step 1


Choose your song from the 2000 songs in the catalog.

connecter piano
step 2


Connect your piano via the MIDI-USB cable.

scores piano activés
step 3


Activate the tracking module to monitor your piano playing.

progression jeu piano
step 4


Play at your own pace and follow your progress closely.

Identify your mistakes and move forward

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