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How Great Thou Art – Easy Sheet Music in PDF

Would you like to download the sheet music of How Great Thou Art as a PDF? Check out our free and easy score of this popular christian song.

The 25 Best Jazz Pianists of All Time

Do you love jazz and the piano? Discover in this article the ranking of the 25 best jazz pianists of all time.

The Beneficial Effects of Music

The Beneficial Effects of Music

Did you know that prolonged listening to music can increase your IQ by 9 points? Discover in this article all the benefits of music.

Are you interested in everything that revolves around the piano? You’ve come to the right place! This section presents you with a wide variety of articles about the piano world. You will find sociological studies, historical anecdotes, scientific studies on the piano and more generally on music. Enjoy!

What is the composition of this section around the piano?

This section is composed of various articles. You can find historical anecdotes about the piano or sociological, biological and scientific studies on the benefits of music and the piano on the body and mind.

Who is this section on piano and music for?

This part is intended for all lovers of the piano, music and related phenomena. More generally, it is intended for the curious and fans of anecdotes, figures and news.

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All the information dealt with here is the result of several hours or even days of research on the topics discussed. We have sifted through scientific studies on the subject in order to give you the most reliable information possible.

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Of course! In particular, you can read the following themes: The Ultimate Pianist GuideProgressing on piano: tips and tricks, The best sheet music to download for free in PDF and The best piano songs to learn.