The Best piano songs to learn

Are you starting to play piano and looking for songs to learn? You’ve been playing piano for a long time but are simply lacking inspiration to find new songs? This section is for you!

You’ll find a lot of songs to learn on piano, in various genres such as jazz, rap or classical music. No matter what your musical taste is, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for!

rap piano songs

10 rap piano songs to play

Do you love rap or hip hop songs and want to play them on piano? This article is made for you! You will discover our top 10 of the best rap songs of all time to play on piano.

easy christmas songs piano

15 easy Christmas songs on piano

Do you like Christmas carols and want to learn them on piano? Now is the time! In this article, we present our top 15 easy Christmas songs on piano.

giorno's theme piano

Giorno’s Theme on piano: Tutorial and music sheet

Have you always wanted to learn the song Giorno’s Theme from the anime Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure? This article is made for you! Check out our presentation of the song, its easy piano tutorial, as well as its piano sheet music and midi file to download for free.


The 15 best jazz songs to play on piano

Jazz is a musical style that has attracted many pianists for more than 50 years. You like this genre and would like to play jazz songs on piano? Check out our top 15 best jazz piano songs.

classical music songs piano

18 classical music songs for piano

Classical music is the most common pianist’s style. Many pianists begin their learning at music school or conservatory with artists such as Mozart, Schumann, Schubert, Beethoven, Chopin and many others. In this article, we reveal 18 of the best classical music songs for piano.

piano rock songs

The 16 Best Piano Rock Songs to Play

You love the world of rock and would like to play rock piano songs? This article was written for you. Discover the 16 best rock songs of all time to play on piano.

disney piano music

The 15 Best Disney piano music

Animated films cradled your childhood and now you want to learn how to play Disney songs on te piano? It’s perfect for you! In this article, we unveil the 15 best Disney piano music that any beginner can easily learn.

piano pop songs

The 20 best easy piano pop songs for beginners

Do you listen to pop songs all day long and dream about learning some of them on piano? This article is for you! It unveils our top 20 easy piano pop songs to help you choose from all these possibilities.

anime piano songs

The 10 best anime songs to play on piano

Do you often watch anime on TV or on your favorite streaming platforms? Do you love the world of manga and fall in love with their soundtracks? This article listing the 10 best piano anime songs should please you!

Why should this song list help me on piano?

These articles listing the best songs to learn on piano will give you ideas of what is often practiced on piano. It will save you time in your search for new songs to play.

How many piano songs do you present?

In this section you will find more than 50 songs to play on piano. Rap, Jazz, Classical, anime, there is something for all tastes and all skill levels!

Are the songs presented suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! All piano beginners will be able to draw easy songs from this list so they can practice and start learning them.

How did you select these songs?

These songs were selected for their ease on the piano, their reputation in their musical genre and their musical diversity.

Do you have other themes related to the piano?

Of course! In particular, you can read the following themes: The Ultimate Pianist Guide, Progressing on piano: tips and tricks and All about piano and music.

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