I – How to use La Touche Musicale?

La Touche Musicale offers a wide variety of features that allow you to customize your learning the way you want. 

I – 1 – The user account part (music catalogs)

When you create your account on La Touche Musicale, you arrive at your personal space (also called “user account”). This is where you can manage your favorite music, discover the new music in our catalogues, … Your account consists of 3 main parts: “My Favorites,” “Free,” “Premium.”

I – 1 – A – My Favorites

compte utilisateur mes favoris
Interface of the "My Favorites" part of your Musical Touch account

"My Favorites" is the part where you store your favorite music that you train on regularly. Each music contains an image, its artist and its title.

Now let's look at all the features that allow you to manage your favorite music.

Add catalog music to my favorites

You walk around the "Free" and "Premium" parts of your account and browse the different music available to you. Do you like certain music and want to add them to your favorites so you don't have to search for them in catalogs afterwards? To do this, simply click on the heart icon on the image of each music.

ajouter musique catalogue dans mes favoris
In the catalogues, click on the heart to add music to your favorites.

Once you've clicked on the heart on the song's image, go back to the "My Favorites" section: the music will now be stored there until you delete it.

Add my own music to my favorites (noon format)

Is music you're looking for not on the catalogue? You can import it to your account in MIDI format to find out! To do this, simply click on the "O" icon on the left in the "My Favorites" section. 

importer musique midi
In the "My Favorites" section of your account, click on the "O" to add your music.

After clicking on the “O” icon, a pop-up appears in the center of the interface. Click on the first “Noon File” field to import your midi file. Don’t know where to find a midi file? Check out our article outlining our selection of the top 15 sites to download music in the midi format. You’ll find your happiness there.

Click on the midi file field to import music from your computer.

Then, if necessary (optional) the artist, the title of the music and the URL of the image you want to give to your music. This allows you to customize your music with the information you want. To find the URL link of the image you want to put, follow the following tutorial:

Video tutorial to copy the URL link of an image on Google.

Then click the "Validate" button to import your midi file with the information you have entered. The music will appear after a few seconds on your account, in the "My Favorites" section. 

Delete music from my favorites

To remove music from your favorites, it's very simple. All you have to do is: 

1 – Check the box (also called "checkbox") on the left of the artist's name of the music you want to remove (precision: you can select multiple musics at the same time by clicking on several boxes).

cocher case musique supprimer
Check the box to the left of the artist's name to select the music.

2 – Then click the "Delete" button on the left of the interface.

supprimer musique favoris
Once the music has been selected, click "Delete" to trigger the deletion.

3 – A pop-up opens in the center of the interface: click the "YES" button to validate your choice. Selected music is then removed from your "My Favorites" space.

Edit music from my favorites

To change the information (artist, music title or image) of a music in your favorites, you only need: 

1 – Click on the box to the left of the artist's name to select the music (precision: you can only select one music when you want to edit).

cocher case musique supprimer
Check the box to select the music.

2 – Then click the "Editer" button to the left of the interface.

editer musique favoris
Once the box is checked, click "Edit" to change your music information.

3 – A pop-up appears in the center of the interface. Change the information you want to edit (artist's name, music title or image) and validate your changes. The music information will then be changed on your "My Favorites" space.

View my game results to music from my favorites

OnLa Touche Musicale , you can view your game performances on music you’ve played. To do this, click on the statistics icon at the top right in the image of a music.

icone statistiques resultat musique
Click on the statistics icon to see your game performance.

A pop-up appears in the center of the interface. In this pop-up are contained information of your performances during your last game session on music.

You can see:

the date of your last play session on the song;

the overall result as a % of your last session (good ratings/total score of the song);

the last mode you used to learn music;

the number of good grades and mistakes you made in your last session.

statistiques jeu musique piano
On the pop-up are displayed your performances during your last game session.

This feature is very convenient because it allows you, when you haven't played music in a long time, to remember the performances of your last session. So you can resume in the conditions in which you were and set new goals to continue to progress (example: you had a good score in learning mode? Switch to start-stop or play mode to make further progress.

I – 1 – B – Free music catalogue

catalogue musiques gratuites
Interface of your La Touche Musicale account's free music catalog.

When you create your account on La Touche Musicale, you automatically have access to this catalog containing more than 200 completely free music, regularly updated. Click the “Learn” button in the center of a music image to access its tutorial to easily learn it at the piano.

You can also filter the music by difficulty level to choose music that matches your piano level. To do this, click on one of the four difficulty categories at the top of the music: Easy, Medium, Difficult, Expert.

difficultes musique piano
Click on a difficulty to sort the catalog and view only the titles of this difficulty.

I – 1 – C – Premium Music Catalog

catalogue premium musiques
Interface of your account's Premium music catalog.

This catalogue is composed of current music, of all genres and all levels of difficulty. From Rihanna to Yann Tiersen to film and anime music, you'll find a wide variety of songs.

With a free account, you can of course explore this catalog. However, in order to learn music from this catalogue, you need to switch to a Premium account.

I – 2 – The learning interface part

This part is the one designed to learn your favorite music on the piano. You go there when you click the "Learn" button in the center of the music image.

Now let's take a closer look at all the features it offers.

Precision: all these features are fully cumulative between them. So you can pair them to get a high-performance and 100% personalized learning according to your needs and your ease.

I – 2 – A – The piano connection

On the learning interface, you can connect your piano or synthesizer to your computer’s USB port using a MIDI-USB cable.

This connection allows you to interact with the platform so you can learn at your own pace.

To connect your piano, start by allowing the noon device on your Chrome or Opera browser so that your piano can be recognized.
Then connect your piano via your computer’s USB port.
If you have problems connecting your piano, please visit our piano connection help centre. You’ll find all the information you need to connect your piano.
Allow the browser to process lunchtime and plug your piano into USB.

I – 2 – B – Learning modes

La Touche Musicale offers four ways to learn music with ease:

1 – THE LEARNING MODE: This mode only works when you connect your piano in USB to your computer and it has been recognized by the platform.

Once activated, the music notes will automatically stop when they need to be played by the user. The music won’t continue until you press the right keys to your connected piano. When you press the right keys, the tutorial moves up to the following notes, will stop and wait for you to play them, and so on.

This learning mode, designed for beginners, allows you to move at your own pace on the piece.

2 – THE START MODE – STOP: This mode only works when you connect your piano in USB to your computer and it has been recognized by the platform.

Once this mode is activated, the software will wait for you to press a button on your connected piano (any one) to advance. As long as you stay on a button on your piano, the tutorial will continue to move forward. Release the button to stop the tutorial instantly.

With this mode, you can play at your own pace while putting more fluidity into your game than with learning mode.

3 – THE LIVE MODE: This mode is more akin to the function of a video. With this mode, by clicking on the "Play" button in the center of the interface, you scroll through the music notes continuously. Press the pause button in the center of the interface to stop the tutorial.

Tip: Use this mode when you've trained enough on music with the two previous modes (learning and start-stop). Also combine this mode with scrolling and loop speed features to learn more easily.

4 – THE EXPERT MODE: This mode has the same function as Play mode, except that the notes of the music gradually disappear from the screen after a few seconds.

This mode allows you to check that you are mastering the music without attaching yourself to the visual. This way, you can gradually detach yourself from the screen so you can play your music in total autonomy.

Tip: Use this mode only after learning your music well with other modes. Also pair this mode with displaying your results to the right of the interface to make sure you're not making a mistake.

I – 2 – C – The Learning Loop

The loop allows you to choose a specific passage of the music to play it in a loop. Once the passage is selected by the user, the repetition is done automatically, in any mode of learning. Thanks to the loop, you will learn part of the song much faster.

To use this great feature, all you need to do is:

1 – Click on the double arrow icon at the bottom right of the interface.

boucle apprendre piano repetition
Click on the double arrows to trigger the learning loop.

2 – After clicking on the icon of the double arrow, the music's progress bar turns orange and the only point that determined the moment you were on in the music turns into two points, located on either side of the passage to be selected.

boucle points choisir passage chanson
Move the sliders along the bar to select the beginning and end of the pass.

3 – The left point represents the beginning of the passage of the music you want to learn. The point on the right represents its end. Swipe the dots to the left and right to accurately select the passage of the music you want to work in a loop.

I – 2 – D – The scrolling speed of notes

This feature allows you to precisely adjust how fast the music notes will scroll across the screen. Simply move the cursor to the left to decrease the speed or to the right to increase it.

Precision: When you first arrive at a music, the default speed is always that of the original music.

vitesse notes apprendre chanson piano
Move the cursor to precisely adjust the speed of the scrolling notes.

Always start music with low speed and gradually climb when you feel comfortable. 

This feature can of course be used in any learning mode.

I – 2 – E – Hands

This feature lets you choose which hand you want to focus on. By default, both hands are activated. Click on one hand to unactivate it and focus on the one that stays on.

mains apprendre piano
Click on a hand to unactivate it. Re-click on it to reactivate it.

Tip: Work by passage with the loop and learn one hand on the passage. Once this hand is under control, activate the other hand only. Finally, finish your learning of the passage of music using both hands simultaneously.

I – 2 – F – Your real-time game results

The dynamic display of your game results allows you to observe in real time the good grades and mistakes you make. Use them to spot and focus on mistakes to improve quickly.

Precision: By default, game results are displayed. You can decide to view or hide the results by clicking on the icon of the 3 small dots located to the right of the interface, just below your results.

statistiques jeu performance piano erreurs
Your game results in real time. Click on the 3 small dots below to make them disappear.

I – 2 – G – The display of musical notation on notes (do, re, mi, …)

On the learning interface, you can choose whether or not to display the name of the notes (do, re, mi, fa, floor, the, if) on the notes of the music. This allows you to understand the musical notation and placement of the different notes. 

afficher notes do ré mi fa sol la
The notes do, re, mi, fa, floor, it are displayed on the notes of the music.

To activate the name of the music notes, you only need to:

1 – Click on the settings icon at the top right of the interface.

icone reglage piano
Click on the settings icon to view the customization pop-up.

2 – A pop-up appears in the center of the interface: click the "Show Notes" button at the top of the pop-up.

affichage nom des notes de musique tutoriel
Click the View Notes button to access the display option.

3 – Once in the "Show Notes" section, you can choose to display either the French rating (do, re, mi, …) or the international rating (A, B, C, …). Click on the rating you want to view, then close the pop-up. The names of the notes now appear on each of the notes of the music.

II – I don't have a piano yet. Which one to choose?

It sounds obvious, but it’s always worth remembering: if you want to learn the piano, you need a piano!

If you don’t have a piano, you can always get a glimpse of the interface interaction by tapping on the keys on your computer keyboard.

There are two choices for you to get a piano:

1) If you’re not ready to buy right away, you can rent a piano to get your hands on during the first few months of your apprenticeship. In this case, we advise you to go through the instrument rental company Melismaa (with whom we work), which offers the best prices on the market.

2) Buy a piano: today you will find your happiness no matter your budget. If you’re looking for advice on buying a piano, you can check out the selection made in La Touche Musicale !

And don’t forget: choose a piano with a MIDI connection so you can connect it to La Touche Musicale and learn at your own pace 🙂

III – I don't have a connection cable yet. Where to find them?

There are two types of cables depending on your piano model. Check the connection at the back of your piano and choose the right cable:

III – 1 – The midi-USB cable

With a circular connection, this cable adapts to certain types of pianos.


III – 2 – Printer-type cable

It is the most used connection on digital pianos. Do you have a printer at home? His cable will do!


IV – Can I use La Touche Musicale without a piano?

Warning: you won't be able to learn the piano without having a piano. It is therefore essential that you get one.

However, we have a system in place that allows you to understand the educational effectiveness of the platform by using your computer keyboard like a piano.

The letters on your computer keyboard are displayed on certain keys of the virtual piano on the screen. All you have to do is press the right keys on your keyboard to get the tutorial moving forward.

Note: If you need to press a button that is outside the letters displayed on the virtual piano (on the keys further to the right or more left of the piano), you just need to press the "O" button on your computer keyboard to go up octave, or press the "-" button to lower octave. You will be able to access the more distant keys and advance the tutorial.


Use your computer keyboard to interact with the platform. P
ress the "O" button on your keyboard to go up octave. P
ress the "-" button to descend from octave.

V – Where to find and download music in the midi format?

A MIDI file is a computerized score of a music.

To find your music, type its title on Google followed by “noon“, download it and import it to your account to learn it!

You can find MIDI files on several websites, of a wide variety of websites and content. For an exhaustive list of sites, please check out our article listing our selection of the top 15 sites to download midi files.

However, here are a few sites you can check to find midi files:

Musescore (paying, 7-day trial period): this is by far the best MIDI file site. Musescore has more than a million musics of all genres. By paying about 4 euros per month, you can download an unlimited number of MIDI files and learn them on La Touche Musicale.

Musescore (very limited free version): Musescore has a “Public Domain” section composed of about 2000 musics that are freely downloadable (after creating your account).

Mutopia (free): Mutopia offers a rather rich catalogue of music of various genres (classical, jazz, romantic, popular…). The download of the music is completely free.

My Piano Notes (paying): On My Piano Notes, you’ll find a vast catalogue of contemporary music, including the best-known hits of the moment. You can download the MIDI file of your choice for about 4 euros.

VG Music (free): a site specializing in video game music, VG Music offers a library of more than 700 music of various and varied quality.

Bit Midi (free): Bit Midi has a very large catalogue of MIDI files, of very different styles. However, files are not often well processed: sometimes the left hand and the right are not always differentiated, sometimes the file does not have a piano track (in this case, La Touche Musicale will not be able to convert it effectively into a tutorial). Typing “piano” as a result of your search may increase your chances of finding compatible music.

VI – Can I use La Touche Musicale on my phone or tablet?

First, we strongly advise you to use your computer rather than your phone or tablet. Indeed, the technologies used on the La Touche Musicale web platform require a lot of resources and it is likely that there are latency on your phone and tablet, which will greatly hinder your learning.

At the same time, we are developing a mobile application that will be optimized for the use of phones and tablets. Your account will be the same as it is now, so you can log in from any medium. The mobile app will be released in the coming months and we will keep you regularly informed of our progress, it is promised 🙂

VII – Video presentation

Take the time to watch this short video [3 minutes] to understand and master all the features of the platform.

General presentation video of the La Touche Musicale platform.

VIII – No answer to your questions?