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Are you interested in everything that revolves around the piano? You’ve come to the right place! This section presents you with a wide variety of articles about the piano world. You will find sociological studies, historical anecdotes, scientific studies on the piano and more generally on music. Enjoy!

fur elise piano

Fur Elise: 4 anecdotes to know about this mythical piece

Fur Elise is one of the best known and most played piano songs in the world today. But do you know all the anecdotes that revolve around this mythical music?


The 30 Most Famous Pianists of All Time

There are tens of thousands of famous pianists in the world. But who are the pianists who have made history with their talent, innovation and genius? In this article, we reveal the 30 most famous pianists of all time.

music work

Well being at work through music

Music at work is an essential element for our motivation and concentration. Have you ever noticed that when you listen to music at work you perform better? Music has the power to stimulate us. But where does this phenomenon come from? This is what we are studying in this article.

music young people disorder

Music and young people with disorders: unexpected benefits

Music often has the power to calm spirits and even heal them. This is what scientific studies have found in young people with disorders. By listening to music or practicing an instrument like the piano, these people get better and better. Where does this come from? That is what we are studying in this article.

music benefits

The beneficial effects of music

Music has beneficial effects on body and mind. Scientific studies have proven all the benefits of listening to and playing music over a long period of time. Discover in this article the mysterious causes of this phenomenon.

music brain memory

Develop your brain and memory through music

Learning music or listening for a longer period of time would lead to an improvement in memorization. Indeed, practicing music would allow us to better record the information that surrounds us and to store it longer in our brain. Discover the scientific causes of this biological process.

musical learning

The figures of musical learning in France

Learning the piano has been booming in recent years in France and around the world. The taste for practice interests more and more people. It is a phenomenon that affects a large part of the world and is partly due to new technologies.

self taught piano learning

Self-taught piano learning in France

Self-taught piano learning has experienced unprecedented growth in the world over the past several decades. During the COVID-19 crisis, piano sales exploded by +30%. The digital tools offered on the Internet encourage the development of this practice. Focus on a booming phenomenon.

What is the composition of this section around the piano?

This section is composed of various articles. You can find historical anecdotes about the piano or sociological, biological and scientific studies on the benefits of music and the piano on the body and mind.

Who is this section on piano and music for?

This part is intended for all lovers of the piano, music and related phenomena. More generally, it is intended for the curious and fans of anecdotes, figures and news.

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All the information dealt with here is the result of several hours or even days of research on the topics discussed. We have sifted through scientific studies on the subject in order to give you the most reliable information possible.

Do you have other themes related to the piano?

Of course! In particular, you can read the following themes: The Ultimate Pianist Guide, Progressing on piano: tips and tricks and The best piano songs to learn.

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