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Looking to listen to or play peaceful piano songs to relax and unwind? How we understand you! The feeling of calm and freedom that this kind of music gives you allows you to work or relax in complete tranquility.

In this article, the team of La Touche Musicale has selected the 6 best peaceful piano music that will allow you to relax in complete privacy!

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1 – Oskar Schuster – Matilda

Inspired by the melancholic melodies and waltzes of Yann Tiersen, this German composer delivers us through Matilda all the emotion of his musical work.

Oskar Schuster is part of this new generation of pianists, which gives a breath of fresh air to the compositions of today’s piano scene.

Listening to Matilda will plunge you into the almost magical world of Oskar Schuster to unleash in you the most total plenitude. Indeed, this soft and relaxing piano music will calm you down and allow you to concentrate 100%.

Listen to Matilda from Oskar Schuster :

Play Matilda from Oskar Schuster on piano :

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jacob lavallee peaceful piano songs

2 – Jacob La Vallee – In This Way

Jacob La Vallee is an American pianist and composer who, from a very young age, found inspiration at the piano. From the age of twenty, he was able to write and compose music for various commercial projects.

Today, he has rediscovered his primary love for the piano and dedicates himself solely to this musical instrument.

His only rule of composition is: “Does this music move me?”. Indeed, Jacob La Vallee places emotion at the center of his work.

In This Way is a peaceful piano song that will know how to relax and unwind you even in the most stressful moments.

Listen to In This Way from Jacob La Vallee :

Play In This Way from Jacob La Vallee on piano :

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adam fincher pearly white piano douce

3 – Adam Fincher – Pearly White

Very little known, Adam Fincher is a very good artist who is starting to make his place on the music scene.

He has also composed beautiful and peaceful piano songs, such as Pearly White, which interests us here.

Extracted from his eponymous album released in 2017, Pearly White is a piano track of great beauty. His style is very worked and borrowed of a great fluidity.

It is also a melancholic music, whose listening makes us think back to the most intense moments of his life.

In short, nothing better than listening to this soft piano music before going to bed. You will find great calm and relaxation!

Listen to Pearly White from Adam Fincher :

Play Pearly White from Adam Fincher on piano :

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enno aare peaceful piano songs

4 – Enno Aare – Water Ripples

Water Ripples is a magnificent work of the emerging artist Enno Aare.

The softness of this piano music is unparalleled. Re-listened to all day long, it will not be able to tire you and will immerse you in the dreamlike imagination of its composer.

With more than 1 million views on Youtube, Water Ripples has become an essential title for calm and relaxing piano music.

Indeed, this song is now an integral part of almost all playlists of the musical genre called Easy Listening.

Listen to Water Ripples from Enno Aare :

Play Water Ripples from Enno Aare on piano :

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evelyn stein quiet resource piano

5 – Evelyn Stein – Quiet Resource

Quiet Resource is superb piano music. Its composer, Evelyn Stein, is not well known to the general public. However, his musical imagination is very much appreciated by lovers of quiet and gentle piano music.

Listening to Quiet Resource is a real breath of fresh air that will allow you to decompress at any time of the day.

Listen to Quiet Resource from Evelyn Stein :

Play Quiet Resource from Evelyn Stein on piano :

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peaceful piano songs moux

6 – Moux – Gaze

It also categorized in the genre Easy Listening, Gaze from the artist Moux is a piano composition that shines by its extreme simplicity.

With only 90,000 views on Youtube, this talented artist deserves to gain much more notoriety.

This is why the team of La Touche Musicale has selected him in this ranking. Making new talented musical composers known is very important.

Gaze is a very peaceful song which is also very easily played on the piano. 

Listen to Gaze from Moux :

Play Gaze from Moux on piano :

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Conclusion on this 6 peaceful piano songs

Many peaceful piano songs are available on the internet. These 6 musics selected by the team of La Touche Musicale are mainly used to make you discover new talented artists.

Anyway, listening to these relaxing piano musics will soothe you and allow you to work or relax. At home, at work, between lovers, between friends, all this soft music can be listened to every day!

You can also play them easily on the piano. Indeed, these musics are not only composed to be listened to. They are also to be played, interpreted and felt by other pianists.

So don’t hesitate to come and have a look on the app to learn piano La Touche Musicale to learn it very easily !

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