mémoriser morceau piano rapidement

Do you also dream of learning anim OST on the piano? You are passionate about manga and, during the most emotional scenes of your favorite animated characters, you hear beautiful music that you would like to learn at the piano? Don’t worry, you’re not alone!


In this article, you are introduced to 5 easy-to-play animated OSTs that you can learn on the piano in no time. Enjoy!

mémoriser morceau piano rapidement

1 – Chihiro’s journey – Always with Me


Produced in 2001 by Hayao Miyazaki, this masterpiece features some very beautiful piano music, including that composed by Joe Hisaishi, an outstanding musician and composer. 


The piano music of this anime ranges from the narrative of the usual routine, Bathhouse Morning, to the comforting melody of Always With Me.


If you want to access the piano scores and the midi file of the OST Always with Me from Chihiro’s Voyage, it’s there.

mémoriser morceau piano rapidement

2 – Sword Art Online – At our Parting


SAO has its own share of feelings. This is reflected in one of their tunes – At our Parting. This song is normally accompanied by other instrumentals, but a full version for piano is also available. True to its title, it forces you to relive the sadness of saying goodbye.


If you want to access the piano scores and the midi file of Sword Art Online’s OST At our Parting, it’s here.

mémoriser morceau piano rapidement

3 – NarutoDecision


One of the most famous animators of all time, Naruto, unveils in some of his sequences magnificent piano music, including the title Decision, which does not include a piano version in its original version but which has been readjusted for the noble instrument.


If you want to access the piano scores and the midi file of Naruto’s OST Decision, it’s here.

mémoriser morceau piano rapidement

4 – Attack on Titans (Shingeki No Kyojin) – Vogel im Käfig


The main anim of the moment, L’attaque des titans, or Shingeki No Kyojin in its original title, presents like all the mangas of very pretty OST at the piano. Among them is Vogel im Käfig, one of the most famous. The original music is not a piano piece but it has been readjusted for the string instrument. Enjoy!


If you want to access the piano scores and the midi file of the music Vogel im Käfig from L’attaque des titans, it’s here.

mémoriser morceau piano rapidement

5 – The Travelling Castle – Stroll Through the Sky


Joe Hisaishi’s Stroll Through The Sky is almost as well known as the film itself. Although most parts of the music are made by other accompaniments, the part that stands out is the one with the piano. The music will transport you to Sophie’s world in an instant.

The 5 anim OST on the piano presented above, by the emotion they emanate, will take you on a journey through the worlds of their composers. So don’t hesitate, learn them!

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